Aspose::Words::Saving::BookmarksOutlineLevelCollection::IndexOfKey method

BookmarksOutlineLevelCollection::IndexOfKey method

Returns the zero-based index of the specified bookmark in the collection.

int32_t Aspose::Words::Saving::BookmarksOutlineLevelCollection::IndexOfKey(const System::String &name)
nameconst System::String&The case-insensitive name of the bookmark.


The zero based index. Negative value if not found.


Shows how to set outline levels for bookmarks.

auto doc = MakeObject<Document>();
auto builder = MakeObject<DocumentBuilder>(doc);

// Insert a bookmark with another bookmark nested inside it.
builder->StartBookmark(u"Bookmark 1");
builder->Writeln(u"Text inside Bookmark 1.");

builder->StartBookmark(u"Bookmark 2");
builder->Writeln(u"Text inside Bookmark 1 and 2.");
builder->EndBookmark(u"Bookmark 2");

builder->Writeln(u"Text inside Bookmark 1.");
builder->EndBookmark(u"Bookmark 1");

// Insert another bookmark.
builder->StartBookmark(u"Bookmark 3");
builder->Writeln(u"Text inside Bookmark 3.");
builder->EndBookmark(u"Bookmark 3");

// When saving to .pdf, bookmarks can be accessed via a drop-down menu and used as anchors by most readers.
// Bookmarks can also have numeric values for outline levels,
// enabling lower level outline entries to hide higher-level child entries when collapsed in the reader.
auto pdfSaveOptions = MakeObject<PdfSaveOptions>();
SharedPtr<BookmarksOutlineLevelCollection> outlineLevels = pdfSaveOptions->get_OutlineOptions()->get_BookmarksOutlineLevels();

outlineLevels->Add(u"Bookmark 1", 1);
outlineLevels->Add(u"Bookmark 2", 2);
outlineLevels->Add(u"Bookmark 3", 3);

ASSERT_EQ(3, outlineLevels->get_Count());
ASSERT_TRUE(outlineLevels->Contains(u"Bookmark 1"));
ASSERT_EQ(1, outlineLevels->idx_get(0));
ASSERT_EQ(2, outlineLevels->idx_get(u"Bookmark 2"));
ASSERT_EQ(2, outlineLevels->IndexOfKey(u"Bookmark 3"));

// We can remove two elements so that only the outline level designation for "Bookmark 1" is left.
outlineLevels->Remove(u"Bookmark 2");

// There are nine outline levels. Their numbering will be optimized during the save operation.
// In this case, levels "5" and "9" will become "2" and "3".
outlineLevels->Add(u"Bookmark 2", 5);
outlineLevels->Add(u"Bookmark 3", 9);

doc->Save(ArtifactsDir + u"BookmarksOutlineLevelCollection.BookmarkLevels.pdf", pdfSaveOptions);

// Emptying this collection will preserve the bookmarks and put them all on the same outline level.

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