Aspose::Words::Vba::VbaReference class

VbaReference class

Implements a reference to an Automation type library or VBA project. To learn more, visit the Working with VBA Macros documentation article.

class VbaReference : public System::Object


virtual get_LibId() constGets a string value containing the identifier of an Automation type library.
virtual get_Type()Gets VbaReferenceType object that indicates the type of reference that a VbaReference object represents.
GetType() const override
Is(const System::TypeInfo&) const override
static Type()


Shows how to get/remove an element from the VBA reference collection.

void RemoveVbaReference()
    const String brokenPath = u"X:\\broken.dll";
    auto doc = MakeObject<Document>(MyDir + u"VBA project.docm");

    SharedPtr<VbaReferenceCollection> references = doc->get_VbaProject()->get_References();
    ASSERT_EQ(5, references->get_Count());

    for (int i = references->get_Count() - 1; i >= 0; i--)
        SharedPtr<VbaReference> reference = doc->get_VbaProject()->get_References()->idx_get(i);
        String path = GetLibIdPath(reference);

        if (path == brokenPath)
    ASSERT_EQ(4, references->get_Count());

    ASSERT_EQ(3, references->get_Count());

    doc->Save(ArtifactsDir + u"VbaProject.RemoveVbaReference.docm");

static String GetLibIdPath(SharedPtr<VbaReference> reference)
    switch (reference->get_Type())
    case VbaReferenceType::Registered:
    case VbaReferenceType::Original:
    case VbaReferenceType::Control:
        return GetLibIdReferencePath(reference->get_LibId());

    case VbaReferenceType::Project:
        return GetLibIdProjectPath(reference->get_LibId());

        throw System::ArgumentOutOfRangeException();

static String GetLibIdReferencePath(String libIdReference)
    if (libIdReference != nullptr)
        ArrayPtr<String> refParts = libIdReference.Split(MakeArray<char16_t>({u'#'}));
        if (refParts->get_Length() > 3)
            return refParts[3];

    return u"";

static String GetLibIdProjectPath(String libIdProject)
    return libIdProject != nullptr ? libIdProject.Substring(3) : u"";

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