Aspose::Words::Font::get_NoProofing method

Font::get_NoProofing method

True when the formatted characters are not to be spell checked.

bool Aspose::Words::Font::get_NoProofing()


Shows how to prevent text from being spell checked by Microsoft Word.

auto doc = MakeObject<Document>();
auto builder = MakeObject<DocumentBuilder>(doc);

// Normally, Microsoft Word emphasizes spelling errors with a jagged red underline.
// We can un-set the "NoProofing" flag to create a portion of text that
// bypasses the spell checker while completely disabling it.

builder->Writeln(u"Proofing has been disabled, so these spelking errrs will not display red lines underneath.");

doc->Save(ArtifactsDir + u"Font.NoProofing.docx");

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