Aspose::Words::InternableComplexAttr Class Reference

Detailed Description

Base class for internable complex attribute. Internable complex attribute should notify parent collection when going to be changed.

#include <Aspose.Words.Cpp/InternableComplexAttr.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual const TypeInfoGetType () const override
virtual bool Is (const TypeInfo &target) const override

Static Public Member Functions

static const TypeInfoType ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetType()

virtual const System::TypeInfo & Aspose::Words::InternableComplexAttr::GetType ( ) const

◆ Is()

virtual bool Aspose::Words::InternableComplexAttr::Is ( const System::TypeInfo target) const

◆ Type()

static const System::TypeInfo & Aspose::Words::InternableComplexAttr::Type ( )