The com.aspose.words package provides classes for generating, converting, modifying, rendering and printing Microsoft Word documents without utilizing Microsoft Word.

Aspose.Words is written completely in Java. Microsoft Word is not required in order to use Aspose.Words.

The classes in the com.aspose.words package borrow best practices from two well-known frameworks: Microsoft Word Automation and System.Xml. A document in Aspose.Words is represented by a tree of nodes, much like in XML DOM. Where possible, class, method and property names match those found in Microsoft Word Automation.

The main classes in this namespace are:

  • Document is the main class of the object model that represents a Microsoft Word document.
  • DocumentBuilder provides an easy way to insert content and formatting into a document.
  • Node is the base class for all nodes in the document.
  • CompositeNode is the base class for all nodes of the document that can contain other nodes, for example Paragraph, Section and Table and .

The com.aspose.words package also contains classes that form the reporting engine of Aspose.Words. The reporting engine allows to quickly and easily populate documents designed in Microsoft Word with data from various data sources such as java.sql.ResultSet, array of ResultSets, or an array of values.

The MailMerge object which provides access to the reporting functionality is available via the Document.MailMerge property.


AbsolutePositionTabAn absolute position tab is a character which is used to advance the position on the current line of text when displaying this WordprocessingML content.
ArrowLengthLength of the arrow at the end of a line.
ArrowTypeSpecifies the type of an arrow at a line end.
ArrowWidthWidth of the arrow at the end of a line.
AsposeWordsPrintDocumentProvides a default implementation for printing of a Document within the Java printing framework.
AutoFitBehaviorDetermines how Aspose.Words resizes the table when you invoke the M:Aspose.Words.Tables.Table.AutoFit(Aspose.Words.Tables.AutoFitBehavior) method.
AxisBoundRepresents minimum or maximum bound of axis values.
AxisBuiltInUnitSpecifies the display units for an axis.
AxisCategoryTypeSpecifies type of a category axis.
AxisCrossesSpecifies the possible crossing points for an axis.
AxisDisplayUnitProvides access to the scaling options of the display units for the value axis.
AxisScaleTypeSpecifies the possible scale types for an axis.
AxisScalingRepresents the scaling options of the axis.
AxisTickLabelPositionSpecifies the possible positions for tick labels.
AxisTickLabelsRepresents properties of axis tick mark labels.
AxisTickMarkSpecifies the possible positions for tick marks.
AxisTimeUnitSpecifies the unit of time for axes.
BarcodeParametersContainer class for barcode parameters to pass-through to BarcodeGenerator.
BaseWebExtensionCollectionBase class for TaskPaneCollection, WebExtensionBindingCollection, WebExtensionPropertyCollection and WebExtensionReferenceCollection collections.
BaselineAlignmentSpecifies fonts vertical position on a line.
BasicTextShaperCacheImplements basic cache for ITextShaper instances.
BibliographyRepresents the list of bibliography sources available in the document.
BlockImportModeSpecifies how properties of block-level elements are imported from HTML-based documents.
BodyRepresents a container for the main text of a section.
BookmarkRepresents a single bookmark.
BookmarkCollectionA collection of Bookmark objects that represent the bookmarks in the specified range.
BookmarkEndRepresents an end of a bookmark in a Word document.
BookmarkStartRepresents a start of a bookmark in a Word document.
BookmarksOutlineLevelCollectionA collection of individual bookmarks outline level.
BorderRepresents a border of an object.
BorderCollectionA collection of Border objects.
BorderTypeSpecifies sides of a border.
BreakTypeSpecifies type of a break inside a document.
BubbleSizeCollectionRepresents a collection of bubble sizes for a chart series.
BuildVersionInfoProvides information about the current product name and version.
BuildingBlockRepresents a glossary document entry such as a Building Block, AutoText or an AutoCorrect entry.
BuildingBlockBehaviorSpecifies the behavior that shall be applied to the contents of the building block when it is inserted into the main document.
BuildingBlockCollectionA collection of BuildingBlock objects in the document.
BuildingBlockGallerySpecifies the predefined gallery into which a building block is classified.
BuildingBlockTypeSpecifies a building block type.
BuiltInDocumentPropertiesA collection of built-in document properties.
CalendarTypeSpecifies the type of a calendar.
CellRepresents a table cell.
CellCollectionProvides typed access to a collection of Cell nodes.
CellFormatRepresents all formatting for a table cell.
CellMergeSpecifies how a cell in a table is merged with other cells.
CellVerticalAlignmentSpecifies vertical justification of text inside a table cell.
CertificateHolderRepresents a holder of X509Certificate2 instance.
ChapterPageSeparatorDefines the separator character that appears between the chapter and page number.
ChartProvides access to the chart shape properties.
ChartAxisRepresents the axis options of the chart.
ChartAxisCollectionRepresents a collection of chart axes.
ChartAxisTitleProvides access to the axis title properties.
ChartAxisTypeSpecifies type of chart axis.
ChartDataLabelRepresents data label on a chart point or trendline.
ChartDataLabelCollectionRepresents a collection of ChartDataLabel.
ChartDataPointAllows to specify formatting of a single data point on the chart.
ChartDataPointCollectionRepresents collection of a ChartDataPoint.
ChartDataTableAllows to specify properties of a chart data table.
ChartFormatRepresents the formatting of a chart element.
ChartLegendRepresents chart legend properties.
ChartLegendEntryRepresents a chart legend entry.
ChartLegendEntryCollectionRepresents a collection of chart legend entries.
ChartMarkerRepresents a chart data marker.
ChartMultilevelValueRepresents a value for charts that display multilevel data.
ChartNumberFormatRepresents number formatting of the parent element.
ChartSeriesRepresents chart series properties.
ChartSeriesCollectionRepresents collection of a ChartSeries.
ChartSeriesTypeSpecifies a type of a chart series.
ChartShapeTypeSpecifies the shape type of chart elements.
ChartTitleProvides access to the chart title properties.
ChartTypeSpecifies type of a chart.
ChartXValueRepresents an X value for a chart series.
ChartXValueCollectionRepresents a collection of X values for a chart series.
ChartXValueTypeAllows to specify type of an X value of a chart series.
ChartYValueRepresents an Y value for a chart series.
ChartYValueCollectionRepresents a collection of Y values for a chart series.
ChartYValueTypeAllows to specify type of an Y value of a chart series.
ChmLoadOptionsAllows to specify additional options when loading CHM document into a Document object.
CleanupOptionsAllows to specify options for document cleaning.
ClusterEncapsulates code points and glyphs composing a grapheme.
ColorModeSpecifies how colors are rendered.
ColorPrintModeSpecifies how non-colored pages are printed if the device supports color printing.
CommentRepresents a container for text of a comment.
CommentCollectionProvides typed access to a collection of Comment nodes.
CommentDisplayModeSpecifies the rendering mode for document comments.
CommentRangeEndDenotes the end of a region of text that has a comment associated with it.
CommentRangeStartDenotes the start of a region of text that has a comment associated with it.
CompareOptionsAllows to choose advanced options for document comparison operation.
ComparisonEvaluationResultThe comparison evaluation result.
ComparisonExpressionThe comparison expression.
ComparisonTargetTypeAllows to specify base document which will be used during comparison.
CompatibilitySpecifies names of compatibility options.
CompatibilityOptionsContains compatibility options (that is, the user preferences entered on the Compatibility tab of the Options dialog in Microsoft Word).
CompositeNodeBase class for nodes that can contain other nodes.
CompressionLevelCompression level for OOXML files.
ConditionalStyleRepresents special formatting applied to some area of a table with assigned table style.
ConditionalStyleCollectionRepresents a collection of ConditionalStyle objects.
ConditionalStyleTypeRepresents possible table areas to which conditional formatting may be defined in a table style.
ContentDispositionEnumerates different ways of presenting the document at the client browser.
ContinuousSectionRestartRepresents different behaviors when computing page numbers in a continuous section that restarts page numbering.
ContributorRepresents a bibliography source contributor.
ContributorCollectionRepresents bibliography source contributors.
ControlCharControl characters often encountered in documents.
ConvertUtilProvides helper functions to convert between various measurement units.
CorporateRepresents a corporate (an organization) bibliography source contributor.
CssSavingArgsProvides data for the ICssSavingCallback.#cssSaving(com.aspose.words.CssSavingArgs) event.
CssStyleSheetTypeSpecifies how CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) styles are exported to HTML.
CsvDataLoadOptionsRepresents options for parsing CSV data.
CsvDataSourceProvides access to data of a CSV file or stream to be used within a report.
CurrentThreadSettingsThis class helps to set thread-isolated Locale and Time Zone for a Aspose.Words application.
CustomDocumentPropertiesA collection of custom document properties.
CustomPartRepresents a custom (arbitrary content) part, that is not defined by the ISO/IEC 29500 standard.
CustomPartCollectionRepresents a collection of CustomPart objects.
CustomXmlPartRepresents a Custom XML Data Storage Part (custom XML data within a package).
CustomXmlPartCollectionRepresents a collection of Custom XML Parts.
CustomXmlPropertyRepresents a single custom XML attribute or a smart tag property.
CustomXmlPropertyCollectionRepresents a collection of custom XML attributes or smart tag properties.
CustomXmlSchemaCollectionA collection of strings that represent XML schemas that are associated with a custom XML part.
DashStyleDashed line style.
DefaultFontSubstitutionRuleDefault font substitution rule.
DigitalSignatureRepresents a digital signature on a document and the result of its verification.
DigitalSignatureCollectionProvides a read-only collection of digital signatures attached to a document.
DigitalSignatureDetailsContains details for signing a document with a digital signature.
DigitalSignatureTypeSpecifies the type of a digital signature.
DigitalSignatureUtilProvides methods for signing document.
DirectionText direction.
Dml3DEffectsRenderingModeSpecifies how 3D shape effects are rendered.
DmlEffectsRenderingModeSpecifies how DrawingML effects are rendered to fixed page formats.
DmlRenderingModeSpecifies how DrawingML shapes are rendered to fixed page formats.
DocSaveOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#DOC or SaveFormat.#DOT format.
DocumentRepresents a Word document.
DocumentBaseProvides the abstract base class for a main document and a glossary document of a Word document.
DocumentBuilderProvides methods to insert text, images and other content, specify font, paragraph and section formatting.
DocumentDirectionAllows to specify the direction to flow the text in a document.
DocumentLoadingArgsAn argument passed into IDocumentLoadingCallback.#notify(com.aspose.words.DocumentLoadingArgs).
DocumentPartSavingArgsProvides data for the IDocumentPartSavingCallback.#documentPartSaving(com.aspose.words.DocumentPartSavingArgs) callback.
DocumentPropertyRepresents a custom or built-in document property.
DocumentPropertyCollectionBase class for BuiltInDocumentProperties and CustomDocumentProperties collections.
DocumentReaderPluginLoadExceptionThrown during document load, when the plugin required for reading the document format cannot be loaded.
DocumentSavingArgsAn argument passed into IDocumentSavingCallback.#notify(com.aspose.words.DocumentSavingArgs).
DocumentSecurityUsed as a value for the BuiltInDocumentProperties.#getSecurity() / BuiltInDocumentProperties.#setSecurity(int) property.
DocumentSplitCriteriaSpecifies how the document is split into parts when saving to SaveFormat.#HTML, SaveFormat.#EPUB or SaveFormat.#AZW_3 format.
DocumentVisitorBase class for custom document visitors.
DownsampleOptionsAllows to specify downsample options.
DropCapPositionSpecifies the position for a drop cap text.
DropDownItemCollectionA collection of strings that represent all the items in a drop-down form field.
EditableRangeRepresents a single editable range.
EditableRangeEndRepresents an end of an editable range in a Word document.
EditableRangeStartRepresents a start of an editable range in a Word document.
EditingLanguageSpecifies the editing language.
EditorTypeSpecifies the set of possible aliases (or editing groups) which can be used as aliases to determine if the current user shall be allowed to edit a single range defined by an editable range within a document.
EmbeddedFontFormatSpecifies format of particular embedded font inside FontInfo object.
EmbeddedFontStyleSpecifies the style of an embedded font inside a FontInfo object.
EmfPlusDualRenderingModeSpecifies how Aspose.Words should render EMF+ Dual metafiles.
EmphasisMarkSpecifies possible types of emphasis mark.
EndCapSpecifies line cap style.
EndnoteOptionsRepresents the endnote numbering options for a document or section.
EndnotePositionDefines the endnote position.
ExportFontFormatIndicates the format that is used to export fonts while rendering to HTML fixed format.
ExportHeadersFootersModeSpecifies how headers and footers are exported to HTML, MHTML or EPUB.
ExportListLabelsSpecifies how list labels are exported to HTML, MHTML and EPUB.
FieldRepresents a Microsoft Word document field.
FieldAddInImplements the ADDIN field.
FieldAddressBlockImplements the ADDRESSBLOCK field.
FieldAdvanceImplements the ADVANCE field.
FieldArgumentBuilderBuilds a complex field argument consisting of fields, nodes, and plain text.
FieldAskImplements the ASK field.
FieldAuthorImplements the AUTHOR field.
FieldAutoNumImplements the AUTONUM field.
FieldAutoNumLglImplements the AUTONUMLGL field.
FieldAutoNumOutImplements the AUTONUMOUT field.
FieldAutoTextImplements the AUTOTEXT field.
FieldAutoTextListImplements the AUTOTEXTLIST field.
FieldBarcodeImplements the BARCODE field.
FieldBibliographyImplements the BIBLIOGRAPHY field.
FieldBidiOutlineImplements the BIDIOUTLINE field.
FieldBuilderBuilds a field from field code tokens (arguments and switches).
FieldCharBase class for nodes that represent field characters in a document.
FieldCitationImplements the CITATION field.
FieldCollectionA collection of Field objects that represents the fields in the specified range.
FieldCommentsImplements the COMMENTS field.
FieldCompareImplements the COMPARE field.
FieldCreateDateImplements the CREATEDATE field.
FieldDataImplements the DATA field.
FieldDatabaseImplements the DATABASE field.
FieldDatabaseDataRowProvides data for the FieldDatabase field result.
FieldDatabaseDataTableProvides data for the FieldDatabase field result.
FieldDateImplements the DATE field.
FieldDdeImplements the DDE field.
FieldDdeAutoImplements the DDEAUTO field.
FieldDisplayBarcodeImplements the DISPLAYBARCODE field.
FieldDocPropertyImplements the DOCPROPERTY field.
FieldDocVariableImplements DOCVARIABLE field.
FieldEQImplements the EQ field.
FieldEditTimeImplements the EDITTIME field.
FieldEmbedImplements the EMBED field.
FieldEndRepresents an end of a Word field in a document.
FieldFileNameImplements the FILENAME field.
FieldFileSizeImplements the FILESIZE field.
FieldFillInImplements the FILLIN field.
FieldFootnoteRefImplements the FOOTNOTEREF field.
FieldFormCheckBoxImplements the FORMCHECKBOX field.
FieldFormDropDownImplements the FORMDROPDOWN field.
FieldFormTextImplements the FORMTEXT field.
FieldFormatProvides typed access to field’s numeric, date and time, and general formatting.
FieldFormulaImplements the = (formula) field.
FieldGlossaryImplements the GLOSSARY field.
FieldGoToButtonImplements the GOTOBUTTON field.
FieldGreetingLineImplements the GREETINGLINE field.
FieldHyperlinkImplements the HYPERLINK field
FieldIfImplements the IF field.
FieldIfComparisonResultSpecifies the result of the IF field condition evaluation.
FieldImportImplements the IMPORT field.
FieldIncludeImplements the INCLUDE field.
FieldIncludePictureImplements the INCLUDEPICTURE field.
FieldIncludeTextImplements the INCLUDETEXT field.
FieldIndexImplements the INDEX field.
FieldIndexFormatSpecifies the formatting for the FieldIndex fields in a document.
FieldInfoImplements the INFO field.
FieldKeywordsImplements the KEYWORDS field.
FieldLastSavedByImplements the LASTSAVEDBY field.
FieldLinkImplements the LINK field.
FieldListNumImplements the LISTNUM field.
FieldMacroButtonImplements the MACROBUTTON field.
FieldMergeBarcodeImplements the MERGEBARCODE field.
FieldMergeFieldImplements the MERGEFIELD field.
FieldMergeRecImplements the MERGEREC field.
FieldMergeSeqImplements the MERGESEQ field.
FieldMergingArgsProvides data for the MergeField event.
FieldMergingArgsBaseBase class for FieldMergingArgs and ImageFieldMergingArgs.
FieldNextImplements the NEXT field.
FieldNextIfImplements the NEXTIF field.
FieldNoteRefImplements the NOTEREF field.
FieldNumCharsImplements the NUMCHARS field.
FieldNumPagesImplements the NUMPAGES field.
FieldNumWordsImplements the NUMWORDS field.
FieldOcxImplements the OCX field.
FieldOptionsRepresents options to control field handling in a document.
FieldPageImplements the PAGE field.
FieldPageRefImplements the PAGEREF field.
FieldPrintImplements the PRINT field.
FieldPrintDateImplements the PRINTDATE field.
FieldPrivateImplements the PRIVATE field.
FieldQuoteImplements the QUOTE field.
FieldRDImplements the RD field.
FieldRefImplements the REF field.
FieldRevNumImplements the REVNUM field.
FieldSaveDateImplements the SAVEDATE field.
FieldSectionImplements the SECTION field.
FieldSectionPagesImplements the SECTIONPAGES field.
FieldSeparatorRepresents a Word field separator that separates the field code from the field result.
FieldSeqImplements the SEQ field.
FieldSetImplements the SET field.
FieldShapeImplements the SHAPE field.
FieldSkipIfImplements the SKIPIF field.
FieldStartRepresents a start of a Word field in a document.
FieldStyleRefImplements the STYLEREF field.
FieldSubjectImplements the SUBJECT field.
FieldSymbolImplements a SYMBOL field.
FieldTAImplements the TA field.
FieldTCImplements the TC field.
FieldTemplateImplements the TEMPLATE field.
FieldTimeImplements the TIME field.
FieldTitleImplements the TITLE field.
FieldToaImplements the TOA field.
FieldTocImplements the TOC field.
FieldTypeSpecifies Microsoft Word field types.
FieldUnknownImplements an unknown or unrecognized field.
FieldUpdateCultureSourceIndicates what culture to use during field update.
FieldUpdatingProgressArgsProvides data for the field updating progress event.
FieldUserAddressImplements the USERADDRESS field.
FieldUserInitialsImplements the USERINITIALS field.
FieldUserNameImplements the USERNAME field.
FieldXEImplements the XE field.
FileCorruptedExceptionThrown during document load, when the document appears to be corrupted and impossible to load.
FileFontSourceRepresents the single TrueType font file stored in the file system.
FileFormatInfoContains data returned by FileFormatUtil document format detection methods.
FileFormatUtilProvides utility methods for working with file formats, such as detecting file format or converting file extensions to/from file format enums.
FillRepresents fill formatting for an object.
FillTypeSpecifies fill type for a fillable object.
FindReplaceDirectionSpecifies direction for replace operations.
FindReplaceOptionsSpecifies options for find/replace operations.
FipsUnapprovedOperationExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when incorrectly trying to use cryptography.
FixedPageSaveOptionsContains common options that can be specified when saving a document into fixed page formats (PDF, XPS, images etc).
FlipOrientationPossible values for the orientation of a shape.
FolderFontSourceRepresents the folder that contains TrueType font files.
FontContains font attributes (font name, font size, color, and so on) for an object.
FontConfigSubstitutionRuleFont config substitution rule.
FontFallbackSettingsSpecifies font fallback mechanism settings.
FontFamilyRepresents the font family.
FontFeatureFeatures provide information about how glyphs are used in a font to render a script.
FontInfoSpecifies information about a font used in the document.
FontInfoCollectionRepresents a collection of fonts used in a document.
FontInfoSubstitutionRuleFont info substitution rule.
FontNameSubstitutionRuleFont substitution rule for processing font name.
FontPitchRepresents the font pitch.
FontSavingArgsProvides data for the IFontSavingCallback.#fontSaving(com.aspose.words.FontSavingArgs) event.
FontSettingsSpecifies font settings for a document.
FontSourceBaseThis is an abstract base class for the classes that allow the user to specify various font sources.
FontSourceTypeSpecifies the type of a font source.
FontSubstitutionRuleThis is an abstract base class for the font substitution rule.
FontSubstitutionSettingsSpecifies font substitution mechanism settings.
FootnoteRepresents a container for text of a footnote or endnote.
FootnoteNumberingRuleDetermines when automatic footnote or endnote numbering restarts.
FootnoteOptionsRepresents the footnote numbering options for a document or section.
FootnotePositionDefines the footnote position.
FootnoteTypeSpecifies whether this is a footnote or an endnote.
FormFieldRepresents a single form field.
FormFieldCollectionA collection of FormField objects that represent all the form fields in a range.
Forms2OleControlRepresents Microsoft Forms 2.0 OLE control.
Forms2OleControlCollectionRepresents collection of Forms2OleControl objects.
Forms2OleControlTypeEnumerates types of Forms 2.0 controls.
FrameFormatRepresents frame related formatting for a paragraph.
FramesetRepresents a frames page or a single frame on a frames page.
FramesetCollectionRepresents a collection of instances of the Frameset class.
GeneralFormatSpecifies a general format that is applied to a numeric, text, or any field result.
GeneralFormatCollectionRepresents a typed collection of general formats.
GlossaryDocumentRepresents the root element for a glossary document within a Word document.
GlowFormatRepresents the glow formatting for an object.
GlyphRepresents a glyph
GradientStopRepresents one gradient stop.
GradientStopCollectionContains a collection of GradientStop objects.
GradientStyleSpecifies the style for a gradient fill.
GradientVariantSpecifies the variant for a gradient fill.
GranularitySpecifies the granularity of changes to track when comparing two documents.
GraphicsQualityOptionsAllows to specify additional java.awt.RenderingHints.
GroupShapeRepresents a group of shapes in a document.
HeaderFooterRepresents a container for the header or footer text of a section.
HeaderFooterBookmarksExportModeSpecifies how bookmarks in headers/footers are exported.
HeaderFooterCollectionProvides typed access to HeaderFooter nodes of a Section.
HeaderFooterTypeIdentifies the type of header or footer found in a Word file.
HeightRuleSpecifies the rule for determining the height of an object.
HorizontalAlignmentSpecifies horizontal alignment of a floating shape, text frame or floating table.
HorizontalRuleAlignmentRepresents the alignment for the specified horizontal rule.
HorizontalRuleFormatRepresents horizontal rule formatting.
HtmlControlTypeType of document nodes that represent and elements imported from HTML.
HtmlElementSizeOutputModeSpecifies how Aspose.Words exports element widths and heights to HTML, MHTML and EPUB.
HtmlFixedPageHorizontalAlignmentSpecifies the horizontal alignment for pages in output HTML document.
HtmlFixedSaveOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#HTML_FIXED format.
HtmlInsertOptionsSpecifies options for the M:Aspose.Words.DocumentBuilder.InsertHtml(System.String,Aspose.Words.HtmlInsertOptions) method.
HtmlLoadOptionsAllows to specify additional options when loading HTML document into a Document object.
HtmlMetafileFormatIndicates the format in which metafiles are saved to HTML documents.
HtmlOfficeMathOutputModeSpecifies how Aspose.Words exports OfficeMath to HTML, MHTML and EPUB.
HtmlSaveOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#HTML, SaveFormat.#MHTML, SaveFormat.#EPUB, SaveFormat.#AZW_3 or SaveFormat.#MOBI format.
HtmlVersionIndicates the version of HTML is used when saving the document to SaveFormat.#HTML and SaveFormat.#MHTML formats.
HyphenationProvides methods for working with hyphenation dictionaries.
HyphenationOptionsAllows to configure document hyphenation options.
ImageBinarizationMethodSpecifies the method used to binarize image.
ImageColorModeSpecifies the color mode for the generated images of document pages.
ImageDataDefines an image for a shape.
ImageFieldMergingArgsProvides data for the IFieldMergingCallback.#imageFieldMerging(com.aspose.words.ImageFieldMergingArgs) event.
ImagePixelFormatSpecifies the pixel format for the generated images of document pages.
ImageSaveOptionsAllows to specify additional options when rendering document pages or shapes to images.
ImageSavingArgsProvides data for the IImageSavingCallback.#imageSaving(com.aspose.words.ImageSavingArgs) event.
ImageSizeContains information about image size and resolution.
ImageTypeSpecifies the type (format) of an image in a Microsoft Word document.
ImageWatermarkOptionsContains options that can be specified when adding a watermark with image.
ImlRenderingModeSpecifies how ink (InkML) objects are rendered to fixed page formats.
ImportFormatModeSpecifies how formatting is merged when importing content from another document.
ImportFormatOptionsAllows to specify various import options to format output.
IncorrectPasswordExceptionThrown if a document is encrypted with a password and the password specified when opening the document is incorrect or missing.
InlineBase class for inline-level nodes that can have character formatting associated with them, but cannot have child nodes of their own.
InlineStoryBase class for inline-level nodes that can contain paragraphs and tables.
InternableComplexAttrBase class for internable complex attribute.
JoinStyleLine join style.
JsonDataLoadOptionsRepresents options for parsing JSON data.
JsonDataSourceProvides access to data of a JSON file or stream to be used within a report.
JsonSimpleValueParseModeSpecifies a mode for parsing JSON simple values (null, boolean, number, integer, and string) while loading JSON.
JustificationModeSpecifies the character spacing adjustment for a document.
KnownTypeSetRepresents an unordered set (i.e.
LanguagePreferencesAllows to set up language preferences.
LayoutCollectorThis class allows to compute page numbers of document nodes.
LayoutEntityTypeTypes of the layout entities.
LayoutEnumeratorEnumerates page layout entities of a document.
LayoutFlowDetermines the flow of the text layout in a textbox.
LayoutOptionsHolds the options that allow controlling the document layout process.
LegendPositionSpecifies the possible positions for a chart legend.
LicenseProvides methods to license the component.
LineNumberRestartModeDetermines when automatic line numbering restarts.
LineSpacingRuleSpecifies line spacing values for a paragraph.
LineStyleSpecifies line style of a Border.
ListRepresents formatting of a list.
ListCollectionStores and manages formatting of bulleted and numbered lists used in a document.
ListFormatAllows to control what list formatting is applied to a paragraph.
ListLabelDefines properties specific to a list label.
ListLevelDefines formatting for a list level.
ListLevelAlignmentSpecifies alignment for the list number or bullet.
ListLevelCollectionA collection of list formatting for each level in a list.
ListTemplateSpecifies one of the predefined list formats available in Microsoft Word.
ListTrailingCharacterSpecifies the character that separates the list label from the text of the paragraph.
LoadFormatIndicates the format of the document that is to be loaded.
LoadOptionsAllows to specify additional options (such as password or base URI) when loading a document into a Document object.
MailMergeRepresents the mail merge functionality.
MailMergeCheckErrorsSpecifies how Microsoft Word will report errors detected during mail merge.
MailMergeCleanupOptionsSpecifies options that determine what items are removed during mail merge.
MailMergeDataTypeSpecifies the type of an external mail merge data source.
MailMergeDestinationSpecifies the possible results which may be generated when a mail merge is carried out on a document.
MailMergeMainDocumentTypeSpecifies the possible types for a mail merge source document.
MailMergeRegionInfoContains information about a mail merge region.
MailMergeSettingsSpecifies all of the mail merge information for a document.
MappedDataFieldCollectionAllows to automatically map between names of fields in your data source and names of mail merge fields in the document.
MarginsSpecifies preset margins.
MarkdownLinkExportModeThe mode of exporting links to a target document.
MarkdownListExportModeSpecifies how lists are exported into Markdown.
MarkdownLoadOptionsAllows to specify additional options when loading LoadFormat.#MARKDOWN document into a Document object.
MarkdownSaveOptionsClass to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#MARKDOWN format.
MarkerSymbolSpecifies marker symbol style.
MarkupLevelSpecifies the level in the document tree where a particular StructuredDocumentTag can occur.
MathObjectTypeSpecifies type of an Office Math object.
MeasurementUnitsSpecifies the unit of measurement.
MemoryFontSourceRepresents the single TrueType font file stored in memory.
MergeFieldImageDimensionRepresents an image dimension (i.e.
MergeFieldImageDimensionUnitSpecifies an unit of an image dimension (i.e.
MergeFormatModeSpecifies how formatting is merged when combining multiple documents.
MergerRepresents a group of methods intended to merge a variety of different types of documents into a single output document.
MetafileRenderingModeSpecifies how Aspose.Words should render WMF and EMF metafiles.
MetafileRenderingOptionsAllows to specify additional metafile rendering options.
MeteredProvides methods to set metered key.
MorphDataControlThe MorphDataControl structure is an aggregate of six controls: CheckBox, ComboBox, ListBox, OptionButton, TextBox, and ToggleButton.
MsWordVersionAllows Aspose.Wods to mimic MS Word version-specific application behavior.
MultiplePagesTypeSpecifies how document is printed out.
MustacheTagRepresents “mustache” tag.
NativeLibSettingsThis class helps to set various options such as temporary folder for Aspose.Words native libraries and whether native libraries should be loaded and used.
NodeBase class for all nodes of a Word document.
NodeChangingActionSpecifies the type of node change.
NodeChangingArgsProvides data for methods of the INodeChangingCallback interface.
NodeCollectionRepresents a collection of nodes of a specific type.
NodeImporterAllows to efficiently perform repeated import of nodes from one document to another.
NodeListRepresents a collection of nodes matching an XPath query executed using the CompositeNode.#selectNodes(java.lang.String) method.
NodeRendererBaseBase class for ShapeRenderer and OfficeMathRenderer.
NodeTypeSpecifies the type of a Word document node.
NumberStyleSpecifies the number style for a list, footnotes and endnotes, page numbers.
NumeralFormatIndicates the symbol set that is used to represent numbers while rendering to fixed page formats.
OdsoSpecifies the Office Data Source Object (ODSO) settings for a mail merge data source.
OdsoDataSourceTypeSpecifies the type of the external data source to be connected to as part of the ODSO connection information.
OdsoFieldMapDataSpecifies how a column in the external data source shall be mapped to the predefined merge fields within the document.
OdsoFieldMapDataCollectionA typed collection of the OdsoFieldMapData objects.
OdsoFieldMappingTypeSpecifies the possible types used to indicate if a given mail merge field has been mapped to a column in the given external data source.
OdsoRecipientDataRepresents information about a single record within an external data source that is to be excluded from the mail merge.
OdsoRecipientDataCollectionA typed collection of OdsoRecipientData
OdtSaveMeasureUnitSpecified units of measure to apply to measurable document content such as shape, widths and other during saving.
OdtSaveOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#ODT or SaveFormat.#OTT format.
OfficeMathRepresents an Office Math object such as function, equation, matrix or alike.
OfficeMathDisplayTypeSpecifies the display format type of the equation.
OfficeMathJustificationSpecifies the justification of the equation.
OfficeMathRendererProvides methods to render an individual OfficeMath to a raster or vector image or to a Graphics object.
OleControlRepresents OLE ActiveX control.
OleFormatProvides access to the data of an OLE object or ActiveX control.
OlePackageAllows to access OLE Package properties.
OoxmlComplianceAllows to specify which OOXML specification will be used when saving in the DOCX format.
OoxmlSaveOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#DOCX, SaveFormat.#DOCM, SaveFormat.#DOTX, SaveFormat.#DOTM or SaveFormat.#FLAT_OPC format.
OrientationSpecifies page orientation.
OutlineLevelSpecifies the outline level of a paragraph in the document.
OutlineOptionsAllows to specify outline options.
PageBorderAppliesToSpecifies which pages the page border is printed on.
PageBorderDistanceFromSpecifies the positioning of the page border relative to the page margin.
PageInfoRepresents information about a particular document page.
PageLayoutCallbackArgsAn argument passed into IPageLayoutCallback.#notify(com.aspose.words.PageLayoutCallbackArgs)
PageLayoutEventA code of event raised during page layout model build and rendering.
PageRangeRepresents a continuous range of pages.
PageSavingArgsProvides data for the IPageSavingCallback.#pageSaving(com.aspose.words.PageSavingArgs) event.
PageSetDescribes a random set of pages.
PageSetupRepresents the page setup properties of a section.
PageVerticalAlignmentSpecifies vertical justification of text on each page.
PaperSizeSpecifies paper size.
ParagraphRepresents a paragraph of text.
ParagraphAlignmentSpecifies text alignment in a paragraph.
ParagraphCollectionProvides typed access to a collection of Paragraph nodes.
ParagraphFormatRepresents all the formatting for a paragraph.
PatternTypeSpecifies the fill pattern to be used to fill a shape.
PclSaveOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#PCL format.
PdfComplianceSpecifies the PDF standards compliance level.
PdfCustomPropertiesExportSpecifies the way Document.#getCustomDocumentProperties() are exported to PDF file.
PdfDigitalSignatureDetailsContains details for signing a PDF document with a digital signature.
PdfDigitalSignatureHashAlgorithmSpecifies a digital hash algorithm used by a digital signature.
PdfDigitalSignatureTimestampSettingsContains settings of the digital signature timestamp.
PdfEncryptionDetailsContains details for encrypting and access permissions for a PDF document.
PdfFontEmbeddingModeSpecifies how Aspose.Words should embed fonts.
PdfImageColorSpaceExportModeSpecifies how the color space will be selected for the images in PDF document.
PdfImageCompressionSpecifies the type of compression applied to images in the PDF file.
PdfLoadOptionsAllows to specify additional options when loading Pdf document into a Document object.
PdfPageLayoutSpecifies the page layout to be used when the document is opened in a PDF reader.
PdfPageModeSpecifies how the PDF document should be displayed when opened in the PDF reader.
PdfPermissionsSpecifies the operations that are allowed to a user on an encrypted PDF document.
PdfSaveOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#PDF format.
PdfTextCompressionSpecifies a type of compression applied to all content in the PDF file except images.
PdfZoomBehaviorSpecifies the type of zoom applied to a PDF document when it is opened in a PDF viewer.
PersonRepresents individual (a person) bibliography source contributor.
PersonCollectionRepresents a list of persons who are bibliography source contributors.
PhoneticGuideRepresents Phonetic Guide.
PhysicalFontInfoSpecifies information about physical font available to Aspose.Words font engine.
PlainTextDocumentAllows to extract plain-text representation of the document’s content.
PreferredWidthRepresents a value and its unit of measure that is used to specify the preferred width of a table or a cell.
PreferredWidthTypeSpecifies the unit of measurement for the preferred width of a table or cell.
PresetTextureSpecifies texture to be used to fill a shape.
PropertyTypeSpecifies data type of a document property.
ProtectionTypeProtection type for a document.
PsSaveOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#PS format.
RangeRepresents a contiguous area in a document.
ReflectionFormatRepresents the reflection formatting for an object.
RelativeHorizontalPositionSpecifies to what the horizontal position of a shape or text frame is relative.
RelativeHorizontalSizeSpecifies relatively to what the width of a shape or a text frame is calculated horizontally.
RelativeVerticalPositionSpecifies to what the vertical position of a shape or text frame is relative.
RelativeVerticalSizeSpecifies relatively to what the height of a shape or a text frame is calculated vertically.
ReplaceActionAllows the user to specify what happens to the current match during a replace operation.
ReplacingArgsProvides data for a custom replace operation.
ReportBuildOptionsSpecifies options controlling behavior of ReportingEngine while building a report.
ReportingEngineProvides routines to populate template documents with data and a set of settings to control these routines.
ResourceLoadingActionSpecifies the mode of resource loading.
ResourceLoadingArgsProvides data for the IResourceLoadingCallback.#resourceLoading(com.aspose.words.ResourceLoadingArgs) method.
ResourceSavingArgsProvides data for the IResourceSavingCallback.#resourceSaving(com.aspose.words.ResourceSavingArgs) event.
ResourceTypeType of loaded resource.
RevisionRepresents a revision (tracked change) in a document node or style.
RevisionCollectionA collection of Revision objects that represent revisions in the document.
RevisionColorAllows to specify color of document revisions.
RevisionGroupRepresents a group of sequential Revision objects.
RevisionGroupCollectionA collection of RevisionGroup objects that represent revision groups in the document.
RevisionOptionsAllows to control how document revisions are handled during layout process.
RevisionTextEffectAllows to specify decoration effect for revisions of document text.
RevisionTypeSpecifies the type of change being tracked in Revision.
RevisionsViewAllows to specify whether to work with the original or revised version of a document.
RowRepresents a table row.
RowCollectionProvides typed access to a collection of Row nodes.
RowFormatRepresents all formatting for a table row.
RtfLoadOptionsAllows to specify additional options when loading LoadFormat.#RTF document into a Document object.
RtfSaveOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#RTF format.
RunRepresents a run of characters with the same font formatting.
RunCollectionProvides typed access to a collection of Run nodes.
SaveFormatIndicates the format in which the document is saved.
SaveOptionsThis is an abstract base class for classes that allow the user to specify additional options when saving a document into a particular format.
SaveOutputParametersThis object is returned to the caller after a document is saved and contains additional information that has been generated or calculated during the save operation.
ScriptShapingLevelDescribes shaping levels required by a script.
SdtAppearanceSpecifies the appearance of a structured document tag.
SdtCalendarTypeSpecifies the possible types of calendars which can be used to specify StructuredDocumentTag.#getCalendarType() / StructuredDocumentTag.#setCalendarType(int) in an Office Open XML document.
SdtDateStorageFormatSpecifies how the date for a date SDT is stored/retrieved when the SDT is bound to an XML node in the document’s data store.
SdtListItemThis element specifies a single list item within a parent SdtType.#COMBO_BOX or SdtType.#DROP_DOWN_LIST structured document tag.
SdtListItemCollectionProvides access to SdtListItem elements of a structured document tag.
SdtTypeSpecifies the type of a structured document tag (SDT) node.
SectionRepresents a single section in a document.
SectionCollectionA collection of Section objects in the document.
SectionLayoutModeSpecifies the layout mode for a section allowing to define the document grid behavior.
SectionStartThe type of break at the beginning of the section.
ShadingContains shading attributes for an object.
ShadowFormatRepresents shadow formatting for an object.
ShadowTypeSpecifies the type of a shape shadow.
ShapeRepresents an object in the drawing layer, such as an AutoShape, textbox, freeform, OLE object, ActiveX control, or picture.
ShapeBaseBase class for objects in the drawing layer, such as an AutoShape, freeform, OLE object, ActiveX control, or picture.
ShapeLineStyleSpecifies the compound line style of a Shape.
ShapeMarkupLanguageSpecifies Markup language used for the shape.
ShapeRendererProvides methods to render an individual Shape or GroupShape to a raster or vector image or to a Graphics object.
ShapeTypeSpecifies the type of shape in a Microsoft Word document.
ShowInBalloonsSpecifies which revisions are rendered in balloons.
SignOptionsAllows to specify options for document signing.
SignatureLineProvides access to signature line properties.
SignatureLineOptionsAllows to specify options for signature line being inserted.
SmartTagThis element specifies the presence of a smart tag around one or more inline structures (runs, images, fields,etc.) within a paragraph.
SourceRepresents an individual source, such as a book, journal article, or interview.
SourceTypeRepresents bibliography source types.
SpecialCharBase class for special characters in the document.
StoryBase class for elements that contain block-level nodes Paragraph and Table.
StoryTypeText of a Word document is stored in stories.
StreamFontSourceBase class for user-defined stream font source.
StrokeDefines a stroke for a shape.
StructuredDocumentTagRepresents a structured document tag (SDT or content control) in a document.
StructuredDocumentTagCollectionA collection of IStructuredDocumentTag instances that represent the structured document tags in the specified range.
StructuredDocumentTagRangeEndRepresents an end of ranged structured document tag which accepts multi-sections content.
StructuredDocumentTagRangeStartRepresents a start of ranged structured document tag which accepts multi-sections content.
StyleRepresents a single built-in or user-defined style.
StyleCollectionA collection of Style objects that represent both the built-in and user-defined styles in a document.
StyleIdentifierLocale independent style identifier.
StyleTypeRepresents type of the style.
SubDocumentRepresents a SubDocument - which is a reference to an externally stored document.
SvgSaveOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#SVG format.
SvgTextOutputModeAllows to specify how text inside a document should be rendered when saving in SVG format.
SystemFontSourceRepresents all TrueType fonts installed to the system.
TabAlignmentSpecifies the alignment/type of a tab stop.
TabLeaderSpecifies the type of the leader line displayed under the tab character.
TabStopRepresents a single custom tab stop.
TabStopCollectionA collection of TabStop objects that represent custom tabs for a paragraph or a style.
TableRepresents a table in a Word document.
TableAlignmentSpecifies alignment for an inline table.
TableCollectionProvides typed access to a collection of Table nodes.
TableContentAlignmentAllows to specify the alignment of the content of the table to be used when exporting into Markdown format.
TableStyleRepresents a table style.
TableStyleOptionsSpecifies how table style is applied to a table.
TableSubstitutionRuleTable font substitution rule.
TaskPaneRepresents an add-in task pane object.
TaskPaneCollectionSpecifies a list of persisted task pane objects.
TaskPaneDockStateEnumerates available locations of task pane object.
TextBoxDefines attributes that specify how a text is displayed inside a shape.
TextBoxAnchorSpecifies values used for shape text vertical alignment.
TextBoxControlThe TextBox control displays text from an organized set of data or user input.
TextBoxWrapModeSpecifies how text wraps inside a shape.
TextColumnRepresents a single text column.
TextColumnCollectionA collection of TextColumn objects that represent all the columns of text in a section of a document.
TextDmlEffectDml text effect for text runs.
TextEffectAnimation effect for text runs.
TextFormFieldTypeSpecifies the type of a text form field.
TextOrientationSpecifies orientation of text on a page, in a table cell or a text frame.
TextPathDefines the text and formatting of the text path (of a WordArt object).
TextPathAlignmentWordArt alignment.
TextWatermarkOptionsContains options that can be specified when adding a watermark with text.
TextWrappingSpecifies how text is wrapped around the table.
TextureAlignmentSpecifies the alignment for the tiling of the texture fill.
TextureIndexSpecifies shading texture.
ThemeRepresents document Theme, and provides access to main theme parts including Theme.#getMajorFonts(), Theme.#getMinorFonts() and Theme.#getColors()
ThemeColorSpecifies the theme colors for document themes.
ThemeColorsRepresents the color scheme of the document theme which contains twelve colors.
ThemeFontSpecifies the types of theme font names for document themes.
ThemeFontsRepresents a collection of fonts in the font scheme, allowing to specify different fonts for different languages ThemeFonts.#getLatin() / ThemeFonts.#setLatin(java.lang.String), ThemeFonts.#getEastAsian() / ThemeFonts.#setEastAsian(java.lang.String) and ThemeFonts.#getComplexScript() / ThemeFonts.#setComplexScript(java.lang.String).
ThumbnailGeneratingOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when generating thumbnail for a document.
TiffCompressionSpecifies what type of compression to apply when saving page images into a TIFF file.
ToaCategoriesRepresents a table of authorities categories.
TxtExportHeadersFootersModeSpecifies the way headers and footers are exported to plain text format.
TxtLeadingSpacesOptionsSpecifies available options for leading space handling during import from LoadFormat.#TEXT file.
TxtListIndentationSpecifies how list levels are indented when document is exporting to SaveFormat.#TEXT format.
TxtLoadOptionsAllows to specify additional options when loading LoadFormat.#TEXT document into a Document object.
TxtSaveOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#TEXT format.
TxtSaveOptionsBaseThe base class for specifying additional options when saving a document into a text based formats.
TxtTrailingSpacesOptionsSpecifies available options for trailing spaces handling during import from LoadFormat.#TEXT file.
UnderlineIndicates type of the underline applied to a font.
UnicodeScriptUnicode Character Database property: Script (sc).
UnsupportedFileFormatExceptionThrown during document load, when the document format is not recognized or not supported by Aspose.Words.
UserInformationSpecifies information about the user.
VariableCollectionA collection of document variables.
VbaModuleProvides access to VBA project module.
VbaModuleCollectionRepresents a collection of VbaModule objects.
VbaModuleTypeSpecifies the type of a model in a VBA project.
VbaProjectProvides access to VBA project information.
VbaReferenceImplements a reference to an Automation type library or VBA project.
VbaReferenceCollectionRepresents a collection of VbaReference objects.
VbaReferenceTypeAllows to specify the type of a VbaReference object.
VerticalAlignmentSpecifies vertical alignment of a floating shape, text frame or a floating table.
ViewOptionsProvides various options that control how a document is shown in Microsoft Word.
ViewTypePossible values for the view mode in Microsoft Word.
VisitorActionAllows the visitor to control the enumeration of nodes.
WarningInfoContains information about a warning that Aspose.Words issued during document loading or saving.
WarningInfoCollectionRepresents a typed collection of WarningInfo objects.
WarningSourceSpecifies the module that produces a warning during document loading or saving.
WarningTypeSpecifies the type of a warning that is issued by Aspose.Words during document loading or saving.
WatermarkRepresents class to work with document watermark.
WatermarkLayoutDefines layout of the watermark relative to the watermark center.
WatermarkTypeSpecifies the watermark type.
WebExtensionRepresents a web extension object.
WebExtensionBindingSpecifies a binding relationship between a web extension and the data in the document.
WebExtensionBindingCollectionSpecifies a list of web extension bindings.
WebExtensionBindingTypeEnumerates available types of binding between a web extension and the data in the document.
WebExtensionPropertySpecifies a web extension custom property.
WebExtensionPropertyCollectionSpecifies a set of web extension custom properties.
WebExtensionReferenceRepresents the reference to a web extension.
WebExtensionReferenceCollectionSpecifies a list of web extension references.
WebExtensionStoreTypeEnumerates available types of a web extension store.
WordML2003SaveOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#WORD_ML format.
WrapSideSpecifies what side(s) of the shape or picture the text wraps around.
WrapTypeSpecifies how text is wrapped around a shape or picture.
WriteProtectionSpecifies write protection settings for a document.
X509Certificate2WrapperJAVA-added public wrapper around ours internal X509Certificate2.
XamlFixedSaveOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#XAML_FIXED format.
XamlFlowSaveOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#XAML_FLOW or SaveFormat.#XAML_FLOW_PACK format.
XlsxSaveOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#XLSX format.
XlsxSectionModeSpecifies how sections are handled when saving a document in the XLSX format.
XmlDataLoadOptionsRepresents options for XML data loading.
XmlDataSourceProvides access to data of an XML file or stream to be used within a report.
XmlMappingSpecifies the information that is used to establish a mapping between the parent structured document tag and an XML element stored within a custom XML data part in the document.
XpsSaveOptionsCan be used to specify additional options when saving a document into the SaveFormat.#XPS format.
Zip64ModeSpecifies when to use ZIP64 format extensions for OOXML files.
ZoomTypePossible values for how large or small the document appears on the screen in Microsoft Word.


IBarcodeGeneratorPublic interface for barcode custom generator.
IBibliographyStylesProviderImplement this interface to provide bibliography style for the FieldBibliography and FieldCitation fields when they’re updated.
IChartDataPointContains properties of a single data point on the chart.
IComparisonExpressionEvaluatorWhen implemented, allows to override default comparison expressions evaluation for the FieldIf and FieldCompare fields.
ICssSavingCallbackImplement this interface if you want to control how Aspose.Words saves CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) when saving a document to HTML.
IDocumentConverterPluginDefines an interface for external converter plugin.
IDocumentLoadingCallbackImplement this interface if you want to have your own custom method called during loading a document.
IDocumentMergerPluginDefines an interface for external merger plugin that can merge Pdf documents.
IDocumentPartSavingCallbackImplement this interface if you want to receive notifications and control how Aspose.Words saves document parts when exporting a document to SaveFormat.#HTML or SaveFormat.#EPUB format.
IDocumentReaderPluginDefines an interface for external reader plugins that can read a file into a document.
IDocumentSavingCallbackImplement this interface if you want to have your own custom method called during saving a document.
IFieldDatabaseProviderImplement this interface to provide data for the FieldDatabase field when it’s updated.
IFieldMergingCallbackImplement this interface if you want to control how data is inserted into merge fields during a mail merge operation.
IFieldResultFormatterImplement this interface if you want to control how the field result is formatted.
IFieldUpdateCultureProviderWhen implemented, provides a CultureInfo object that should be used during the update of a particular field.
IFieldUpdatingCallbackImplement this interface if you want to have your own custom methods called during a field update.
IFieldUpdatingProgressCallbackImplement this interface if you want to track field updating progress.
IFieldUserPromptRespondentRepresents the respondent to user prompts during field update.
IFontSavingCallbackImplement this interface if you want to receive notifications and control how Aspose.Words saves fonts when exporting a document to HTML format.
IHyphenationCallbackImplemented by classes which can register hyphenation dictionaries.
IImageSavingCallbackImplement this interface if you want to control how Aspose.Words saves images when saving a document to HTML.
IMailMergeCallbackImplement this interface if you want to receive notifications while mail merge is performed.
IMailMergeDataSourceImplement this interface to allow mail merge from a custom data source, such as a list of objects.
IMailMergeDataSourceRootImplement this interface to allow mail merge from a custom data source with master-detail data.
INodeChangingCallbackImplement this interface if you want to receive notifications when nodes are inserted or removed in the document.
IPageLayoutCallbackImplement this interface if you want to have your own custom method called during build and rendering of page layout model.
IPageSavingCallbackImplement this interface if you want to control how Aspose.Words saves separate pages when saving a document to fixed page formats.
IReplacingCallbackImplement this interface if you want to have your own custom method called during a find and replace operation.
IResourceLoadingCallbackImplement this interface if you want to control how Aspose.Words loads external resource when importing a document and inserting images using DocumentBuilder.
IResourceSavingCallbackImplement this interface if you want to control how Aspose.Words saves external resources (images, fonts and css) when saving a document to fixed page HTML or SVG.
IRevisionCriteriaImplement this interface if you want to control when certain Revision should be accepted/rejected or not by the RevisionCollection.#accept(com.aspose.words.IRevisionCriteria)/ RevisionCollection.#reject(com.aspose.words.IRevisionCriteria) methods.
IStructuredDocumentTagInterface to define a common data for StructuredDocumentTag and StructuredDocumentTagRangeStart.
ITextShaperProvides methods for text shaping.
ITextShaperFactoryAn interface of a factory for constructing ITextShaper implementations.
IWarningCallbackImplement this interface if you want to have your own custom method called to capture loss of fidelity warnings that can occur during document loading or saving.