The Aspose.Words.BuildingBlocks namespace provides classes that allow to access and use AutoText, AutoCorrect entries and Building Blocks in a document.


BuildingBlockRepresents a glossary document entry such as a Building Block, AutoText or an AutoCorrect entry.
BuildingBlockCollectionA collection of BuildingBlock objects in the document.
GlossaryDocumentRepresents the root element for a glossary document within a Word document. A glossary document is a storage for AutoText, AutoCorrect entries and Building Blocks.


BuildingBlockBehaviorSpecifies the behavior that shall be applied to the contents of the building block when it is inserted into the main document.
BuildingBlockGallerySpecifies the predefined gallery into which a building block is classified.
BuildingBlockTypeSpecifies a building block type. The type might affect the visibility and behavior of the building block in Microsoft Word.