CompareOptions class

Allows to choose additional options for document comparison operation.

To learn more, visit the Compare Documents documentation article.

public class CompareOptions


CompareOptions()The default constructor.


AdvancedOptions { get; }Specifies advanced compare options that might help to produce more precise comparison output.
CompareMoves { get; set; }Specifies whether to compare differences between the two documents.
Granularity { get; set; }Specifies whether changes are tracked by character or by word.
IgnoreCaseChanges { get; set; }True indicates that documents comparison is case insensitive.
IgnoreComments { get; set; }Specifies whether to compare differences in comments.
IgnoreFields { get; set; }Specifies whether to compare differences in fields.
IgnoreFootnotes { get; set; }Specifies whether to compare differences in footnotes and endnotes.
IgnoreFormatting { get; set; }True indicates that formatting is ignored.
IgnoreHeadersAndFooters { get; set; }True indicates that headers and footers content is ignored.
IgnoreTables { get; set; }Specifies whether to compare the differences in data contained in tables.
IgnoreTextboxes { get; set; }Specifies whether to compare differences in the data contained within text boxes.
Target { get; set; }Specifies which document shall be used as a target during comparison.


Shows how to filter specific types of document elements when making a comparison.

// Create the original document and populate it with various kinds of elements.
Document docOriginal = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(docOriginal);

// Paragraph text referenced with an endnote:
builder.Writeln("Hello world! This is the first paragraph.");
builder.InsertFootnote(FootnoteType.Endnote, "Original endnote text.");

// Table:
builder.Write("Original cell 1 text");
builder.Write("Original cell 2 text");

// Textbox:
Shape textBox = builder.InsertShape(ShapeType.TextBox, 150, 20);
builder.Write("Original textbox contents");

// DATE field:
builder.InsertField(" DATE ");

// Comment:
Comment newComment = new Comment(docOriginal, "John Doe", "J.D.", DateTime.Now);
newComment.SetText("Original comment.");

// Header:
builder.Writeln("Original header contents.");

// Create a clone of our document and perform a quick edit on each of the cloned document's elements.
Document docEdited = (Document)docOriginal.Clone(true);
Paragraph firstParagraph = docEdited.FirstSection.Body.FirstParagraph;

firstParagraph.Runs[0].Text = "hello world! this is the first paragraph, after editing.";
firstParagraph.ParagraphFormat.Style = docEdited.Styles[StyleIdentifier.Heading1];
((Footnote)docEdited.GetChild(NodeType.Footnote, 0, true)).FirstParagraph.Runs[1].Text = "Edited endnote text.";
((Table)docEdited.GetChild(NodeType.Table, 0, true)).FirstRow.Cells[1].FirstParagraph.Runs[0].Text = "Edited Cell 2 contents";
((Shape)docEdited.GetChild(NodeType.Shape, 0, true)).FirstParagraph.Runs[0].Text = "Edited textbox contents";
((FieldDate)docEdited.Range.Fields[0]).UseLunarCalendar = true;
((Comment)docEdited.GetChild(NodeType.Comment, 0, true)).FirstParagraph.Runs[0].Text = "Edited comment.";
docEdited.FirstSection.HeadersFooters[HeaderFooterType.HeaderPrimary].FirstParagraph.Runs[0].Text =
    "Edited header contents.";

// Comparing documents creates a revision for every edit in the edited document.
// A CompareOptions object has a series of flags that can suppress revisions
// on each respective type of element, effectively ignoring their change.
Aspose.Words.Comparing.CompareOptions compareOptions = new Aspose.Words.Comparing.CompareOptions();
compareOptions.IgnoreFormatting = false;
compareOptions.IgnoreCaseChanges = false;
compareOptions.IgnoreComments = false;
compareOptions.IgnoreTables = false;
compareOptions.IgnoreFields = false;
compareOptions.IgnoreFootnotes = false;
compareOptions.IgnoreTextboxes = false;
compareOptions.IgnoreHeadersAndFooters = false;
compareOptions.Target = ComparisonTargetType.New;

docOriginal.Compare(docEdited, "John Doe", DateTime.Now, compareOptions);
docOriginal.Save(ArtifactsDir + "Document.CompareOptions.docx");

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