SignOptions class

Allows to specify options for document signing.

To learn more, visit the Work with Digital Signatures documentation article.

public class SignOptions


SignOptions()The default constructor.


Comments { get; set; }Specifies comments on the digital signature. Default value is empty string(Empty).
DecryptionPassword { get; set; }The password to decrypt source document. Default value is empty string (Empty).
ProviderId { get; set; }Specifies the class ID of the signature provider. Default value is Empty (all zeroes) Guid.
SignatureLineId { get; set; }Signature line identifier. Default value is Empty (all zeroes) Guid.
SignatureLineImage { get; set; }The image that will be shown in associated SignatureLine. Default value is null.
SignTime { get; set; }The date of signing. Default value is current time (Now)

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