The Aspose.Words.Drawing.Charts namespace provides classes that allow to access charts in Microsoft Word documents.


AxisBoundRepresents minimum or maximum bound of axis values.
AxisDisplayUnitProvides access to the scaling options of the display units for the value axis.
AxisScalingRepresents the scaling options of the axis.
BubbleSizeCollectionRepresents a collection of bubble sizes for a chart series.
ChartProvides access to the chart shape properties.
ChartAxisRepresents the axis options of the chart.
ChartAxisCollectionRepresents a collection of chart axes.
ChartAxisTitleProvides access to the axis title properties.
ChartDataLabelRepresents data label on a chart point or trendline.
ChartDataLabelCollectionRepresents a collection of ChartDataLabel.
ChartDataPointAllows to specify formatting of a single data point on the chart.
ChartDataPointCollectionRepresents collection of a ChartDataPoint.
ChartFormatRepresents the formatting of a chart element.
ChartLegendRepresents chart legend properties.
ChartLegendEntryRepresents a chart legend entry.
ChartLegendEntryCollectionRepresents a collection of chart legend entries.
ChartMarkerRepresents a chart data marker.
ChartMultilevelValueRepresents a value for charts that display multilevel data.
ChartNumberFormatRepresents number formatting of the parent element.
ChartSeriesRepresents chart series properties.
ChartSeriesCollectionRepresents collection of a ChartSeries.
ChartTitleProvides access to the chart title properties.
ChartXValueRepresents an X value for a chart series.
ChartXValueCollectionRepresents a collection of X values for a chart series.
ChartYValueRepresents an Y value for a chart series.
ChartYValueCollectionRepresents a collection of Y values for a chart series.


IChartDataPointContains properties of a single data point on the chart.


AxisBuiltInUnitSpecifies the display units for an axis.
AxisCategoryTypeSpecifies type of a category axis.
AxisCrossesSpecifies the possible crossing points for an axis.
AxisScaleTypeSpecifies the possible scale types for an axis.
AxisTickLabelPositionSpecifies the possible positions for tick labels.
AxisTickMarkSpecifies the possible positions for tick marks.
AxisTimeUnitSpecifies the unit of time for axes.
ChartAxisTypeSpecifies type of chart axis.
ChartSeriesTypeSpecifies a type of a chart series.
ChartShapeTypeSpecifies the shape type of chart elements.
ChartTypeSpecifies type of a chart.
ChartXValueTypeAllows to specify type of an X value of a chart series.
ChartYValueTypeAllows to specify type of an Y value of a chart series.
LegendPositionSpecifies the possible positions for a chart legend.
MarkerSymbolSpecifies marker symbol style.