AxisDisplayUnit.CustomUnit property

Gets or sets a user-defined divisor to scale display units on the value axis.

public double CustomUnit { get; set; }


The property is not supported by MS Office 2016 new charts. Default value is 1.

Setting this property sets the Unit property to Custom.


Shows how to manipulate the tick marks and displayed values of a chart axis.

Document doc = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

Shape shape = builder.InsertChart(ChartType.Scatter, 450, 250);
Chart chart = shape.Chart;

Assert.AreEqual(1, chart.Series.Count);
Assert.AreEqual("Y-Values", chart.Series[0].Name);

// Set the minor tick marks of the Y-axis to point away from the plot area,
// and the major tick marks to cross the axis.
ChartAxis axis = chart.AxisY;
axis.MajorTickMark = AxisTickMark.Cross;
axis.MinorTickMark = AxisTickMark.Outside;

// Set they Y-axis to show a major tick every 10 units, and a minor tick every 1 unit.
axis.MajorUnit = 10;
axis.MinorUnit = 1;

// Set the Y-axis bounds to -10 and 20.
// This Y-axis will now display 4 major tick marks and 27 minor tick marks.
axis.Scaling.Minimum = new AxisBound(-10);
axis.Scaling.Maximum = new AxisBound(20);

// For the X-axis, set the major tick marks at every 10 units,
// every minor tick mark at 2.5 units.
axis = chart.AxisX;
axis.MajorUnit = 10;
axis.MinorUnit = 2.5;

// Configure both types of tick marks to appear inside the graph plot area.
axis.MajorTickMark = AxisTickMark.Inside;
axis.MinorTickMark = AxisTickMark.Inside;

// Set the X-axis bounds so that the X-axis spans 5 major tick marks and 12 minor tick marks.
axis.Scaling.Minimum = new AxisBound(-10);
axis.Scaling.Maximum = new AxisBound(30);
axis.TickLabelAlignment = ParagraphAlignment.Right;

Assert.AreEqual(1, axis.TickLabelSpacing);

// Set the tick labels to display their value in millions.
axis.DisplayUnit.Unit = AxisBuiltInUnit.Millions;

// We can set a more specific value by which tick labels will display their values.
// This statement is equivalent to the one above.
axis.DisplayUnit.CustomUnit = 1000000;
doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "Charts.AxisDisplayUnit.docx");

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