GradientStyle enumeration

Specifies the style for a gradient fill.

public enum GradientStyle


None-1No gradient.
Horizontal1Gradient running horizontally across an object.
Vertical2Gradient running vertically down an object.
DiagonalUp3Diagonal gradient moving from a bottom corner up to the opposite corner.
DiagonalDown4Diagonal gradient moving from a top corner down to the opposite corner.
FromCorner5Gradient running from a corner to the other three corners.
FromCenter6Gradient running from the center out to the corners.


Shows how to fill a shape with a gradients.

Document doc = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

Shape shape = builder.InsertShape(ShapeType.Rectangle, 80, 80);
// Apply One-color gradient fill to the shape with ForeColor of gradient fill.
shape.Fill.OneColorGradient(Color.Red, GradientStyle.Horizontal, GradientVariant.Variant2, 0.1);

Assert.AreEqual(Color.Red.ToArgb(), shape.Fill.ForeColor.ToArgb());
Assert.AreEqual(GradientStyle.Horizontal, shape.Fill.GradientStyle);
Assert.AreEqual(GradientVariant.Variant2, shape.Fill.GradientVariant);
Assert.AreEqual(270, shape.Fill.GradientAngle);

shape = builder.InsertShape(ShapeType.Rectangle, 80, 80);
// Apply Two-color gradient fill to the shape.
shape.Fill.TwoColorGradient(GradientStyle.FromCorner, GradientVariant.Variant4);
// Change BackColor of gradient fill.
shape.Fill.BackColor = Color.Yellow;
// Note that changes "GradientAngle" for "GradientStyle.FromCorner/GradientStyle.FromCenter"
// gradient fill don't get any effect, it will work only for linear gradient.
shape.Fill.GradientAngle = 15;

Assert.AreEqual(Color.Yellow.ToArgb(), shape.Fill.BackColor.ToArgb());
Assert.AreEqual(GradientStyle.FromCorner, shape.Fill.GradientStyle);
Assert.AreEqual(GradientVariant.Variant4, shape.Fill.GradientVariant);
Assert.AreEqual(0, shape.Fill.GradientAngle);

// Use the compliance option to define the shape using DML if you want to get "GradientStyle",
// "GradientVariant" and "GradientAngle" properties after the document saves.
OoxmlSaveOptions saveOptions = new OoxmlSaveOptions { Compliance = OoxmlCompliance.Iso29500_2008_Strict };

doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "Shape.GradientFill.docx", saveOptions);

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