PresetTexture enumeration

Specifies texture to be used to fill a shape.

public enum PresetTexture


None-1No Texture.
BlueTissuePaper1Blue tissue paper texture.
Bouquet2Bouquet texture.
BrownMarble3Brown marble texture.
Canvas4Canvas texture.
Cork5Cork texture.
Denim6Denim texture.
FishFossil7Fish fossil texture.
Granite8Granite texture.
GreenMarble9Green marble texture.
MediumWood10Medium wood texture.
Newsprint11Newsprint texture.
Oak12Oak texture.
PaperBag13Paper bag texture.
Papyrus14Papyrus texture.
Parchment15Parchment texture.
PinkTissuePaper16Pink tissue paper texture.
PurpleMesh17Purple mesh texture.
RecycledPaper18Recycled paper texture.
Sand19Sand texture.
Stationery20Stationery texture.
Walnut21Walnut texture.
WaterDroplets22Water droplets texture.
WhiteMarble23White marble texture.
WovenMat24Woven mat texture.

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