The Aspose.Words.Fields namespace contains classes that represent Microsoft Word fields in a document.


BarcodeParametersContainer class for barcode parameters to pass-through to BarcodeGenerator.
ComparisonEvaluationResultThe comparison evaluation result.
ComparisonExpressionThe comparison expression.
DropDownItemCollectionA collection of strings that represent all the items in a drop-down form field.
FieldRepresents a Microsoft Word document field.
FieldAddInImplements the ADDIN field.
FieldAddressBlockImplements the ADDRESSBLOCK field.
FieldAdvanceImplements the ADVANCE field.
FieldArgumentBuilderBuilds a complex field argument consisting of fields, nodes, and plain text.
FieldAskImplements the ASK field.
FieldAuthorImplements the AUTHOR field.
FieldAutoNumImplements the AUTONUM field.
FieldAutoNumLglImplements the AUTONUMLGL field.
FieldAutoNumOutImplements the AUTONUMOUT field.
FieldAutoTextImplements the AUTOTEXT field.
FieldAutoTextListImplements the AUTOTEXTLIST field.
FieldBarcodeImplements the BARCODE field.
FieldBibliographyImplements the BIBLIOGRAPHY field.
FieldBidiOutlineImplements the BIDIOUTLINE field.
FieldBuilderBuilds a field from field code tokens (arguments and switches).
FieldCharBase class for nodes that represent field characters in a document.
FieldCitationImplements the CITATION field.
FieldCollectionA collection of Field objects that represents the fields in the specified range.
FieldCommentsImplements the COMMENTS field.
FieldCompareImplements the COMPARE field.
FieldCreateDateImplements the CREATEDATE field.
FieldDataImplements the DATA field.
FieldDatabaseImplements the DATABASE field.
FieldDatabaseDataRowProvides data for the FieldDatabase field result. Please see DataRow instance.
FieldDatabaseDataTableProvides data for the FieldDatabase field result. Please see DataTable instance.
FieldDateImplements the DATE field.
FieldDdeImplements the DDE field.
FieldDdeAutoImplements the DDEAUTO field.
FieldDisplayBarcodeImplements the DISPLAYBARCODE field.
FieldDocPropertyImplements the DOCPROPERTY field.
FieldDocVariableImplements DOCVARIABLE field.
FieldEditTimeImplements the EDITTIME field.
FieldEmbedImplements the EMBED field.
FieldEndRepresents an end of a Word field in a document.
FieldEQImplements the EQ field.
FieldFileNameImplements the FILENAME field.
FieldFileSizeImplements the FILESIZE field.
FieldFillInImplements the FILLIN field.
FieldFootnoteRefImplements the FOOTNOTEREF field.
FieldFormatProvides typed access to field’s numeric, date and time, and general formatting.
FieldFormCheckBoxImplements the FORMCHECKBOX field.
FieldFormDropDownImplements the FORMDROPDOWN field.
FieldFormTextImplements the FORMTEXT field.
FieldFormulaImplements the = (formula) field.
FieldGlossaryImplements the GLOSSARY field.
FieldGoToButtonImplements the GOTOBUTTON field.
FieldGreetingLineImplements the GREETINGLINE field.
FieldHyperlinkImplements the HYPERLINK field
FieldIfImplements the IF field.
FieldImportImplements the IMPORT field.
FieldIncludeImplements the INCLUDE field.
FieldIncludePictureImplements the INCLUDEPICTURE field.
FieldIncludeTextImplements the INCLUDETEXT field.
FieldIndexImplements the INDEX field.
FieldInfoImplements the INFO field.
FieldKeywordsImplements the KEYWORDS field.
FieldLastSavedByImplements the LASTSAVEDBY field.
FieldLinkImplements the LINK field.
FieldListNumImplements the LISTNUM field.
FieldMacroButtonImplements the MACROBUTTON field.
FieldMergeBarcodeImplements the MERGEBARCODE field.
FieldMergeFieldImplements the MERGEFIELD field.
FieldMergeRecImplements the MERGEREC field.
FieldMergeSeqImplements the MERGESEQ field.
FieldNextImplements the NEXT field.
FieldNextIfImplements the NEXTIF field.
FieldNoteRefImplements the NOTEREF field.
FieldNumCharsImplements the NUMCHARS field.
FieldNumPagesImplements the NUMPAGES field.
FieldNumWordsImplements the NUMWORDS field.
FieldOcxImplements the OCX field.
FieldOptionsRepresents options to control field handling in a document.
FieldPageImplements the PAGE field.
FieldPageRefImplements the PAGEREF field.
FieldPrintImplements the PRINT field.
FieldPrintDateImplements the PRINTDATE field.
FieldPrivateImplements the PRIVATE field.
FieldQuoteImplements the QUOTE field.
FieldRDImplements the RD field.
FieldRefImplements the REF field.
FieldRevNumImplements the REVNUM field.
FieldSaveDateImplements the SAVEDATE field.
FieldSectionImplements the SECTION field.
FieldSectionPagesImplements the SECTIONPAGES field.
FieldSeparatorRepresents a Word field separator that separates the field code from the field result.
FieldSeqImplements the SEQ field.
FieldSetImplements the SET field.
FieldShapeImplements the SHAPE field.
FieldSkipIfImplements the SKIPIF field.
FieldStartRepresents a start of a Word field in a document.
FieldStyleRefImplements the STYLEREF field.
FieldSubjectImplements the SUBJECT field.
FieldSymbolImplements a SYMBOL field.
FieldTAImplements the TA field.
FieldTCImplements the TC field.
FieldTemplateImplements the TEMPLATE field.
FieldTimeImplements the TIME field.
FieldTitleImplements the TITLE field.
FieldToaImplements the TOA field.
FieldTocImplements the TOC field.
FieldUnknownImplements an unknown or unrecognized field.
FieldUpdatingProgressArgsProvides data for the field updating progress event.
FieldUserAddressImplements the USERADDRESS field.
FieldUserInitialsImplements the USERINITIALS field.
FieldUserNameImplements the USERNAME field.
FieldXEImplements the XE field.
FormFieldRepresents a single form field.
FormFieldCollectionA collection of FormField objects that represent all the form fields in a range.
GeneralFormatCollectionRepresents a typed collection of general formats.
MergeFieldImageDimensionRepresents an image dimension (i.e. the width or the height) used across a mail merge process.
ToaCategoriesRepresents a table of authorities categories.
UserInformationSpecifies information about the user.


IBarcodeGeneratorPublic interface for barcode custom generator. Implementation should be provided by user.
IBibliographyStylesProviderImplement this interface to provide bibliography style for the FieldBibliography and FieldCitation fields when they’re updated.
IComparisonExpressionEvaluatorWhen implemented, allows to override default comparison expressions evaluation for the FieldIf and FieldCompare fields.
IFieldDatabaseProviderImplement this interface to provide data for the FieldDatabase field when it’s updated.
IFieldResultFormatterImplement this interface if you want to control how the field result is formatted.
IFieldUpdateCultureProviderWhen implemented, provides a CultureInfo object that should be used during the update of a particular field.
IFieldUpdatingCallbackImplement this interface if you want to have your own custom methods called during a field update.
IFieldUpdatingProgressCallbackImplement this interface if you want to track field updating progress.
IFieldUserPromptRespondentRepresents the respondent to user prompts during field update.


FieldIfComparisonResultSpecifies the result of the IF field condition evaluation.
FieldIndexFormatSpecifies the formatting for the FieldIndex fields in a document.
FieldTypeSpecifies Microsoft Word field types.
FieldUpdateCultureSourceIndicates what culture to use during field update.
GeneralFormatSpecifies a general format that is applied to a numeric, text, or any field result. A field may have a combination of general formats.
MergeFieldImageDimensionUnitSpecifies an unit of an image dimension (i.e. the width or the height) used across a mail merge process.
TextFormFieldTypeSpecifies the type of a text form field.