FieldGreetingLine.LanguageId property

Gets or sets the language id used to format the name.

public string LanguageId { get; set; }


Shows how to insert a GREETINGLINE field.

Document doc = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

// Create a generic greeting using a GREETINGLINE field, and some text after it.
FieldGreetingLine field = (FieldGreetingLine)builder.InsertField(FieldType.FieldGreetingLine, true);
builder.Writeln("\n\n\tThis is your custom greeting, created programmatically using Aspose Words!");

// A GREETINGLINE field accepts values from a data source during a mail merge, like a MERGEFIELD.
// It can also format how the source's data is written in its place once the mail merge is complete.
// The field names collection corresponds to the columns from the data source
// that the field will take values from.
Assert.AreEqual(0, field.GetFieldNames().Length);

// To populate that array, we need to specify a format for our greeting line.
field.NameFormat = "<< _BEFORE_ Dear >><< _TITLE0_ >><< _LAST0_ >><< _AFTER_ ,>> ";

// Now, our field will accept values from these two columns in the data source.
Assert.AreEqual("Courtesy Title", field.GetFieldNames()[0]);
Assert.AreEqual("Last Name", field.GetFieldNames()[1]);
Assert.AreEqual(2, field.GetFieldNames().Length);

// This string will cover any cases where the data table data is invalid
// by substituting the malformed name with a string.
field.AlternateText = "Sir or Madam";

// Set a locale to format the result.
field.LanguageId = new CultureInfo("en-US").LCID.ToString();

Assert.AreEqual(" GREETINGLINE  \\f \"<< _BEFORE_ Dear >><< _TITLE0_ >><< _LAST0_ >><< _AFTER_ ,>> \" \\e \"Sir or Madam\" \\l 1033", 

// Create a data table with columns whose names match elements
// from the field's field names collection, and then carry out the mail merge.
DataTable table = new DataTable("Employees");
table.Columns.Add("Courtesy Title");
table.Columns.Add("First Name");
table.Columns.Add("Last Name");
table.Rows.Add("Mr.", "John", "Doe");
table.Rows.Add("Mrs.", "Jane", "Cardholder");

// This row has an invalid value in the Courtesy Title column, so our greeting will default to the alternate text.
table.Rows.Add("", "No", "Name");


Assert.That(doc.Range.Fields, Is.Empty);
Assert.AreEqual("Dear Mr. Doe,\r\r\tThis is your custom greeting, created programmatically using Aspose Words!\r" +
                "\fDear Mrs. Cardholder,\r\r\tThis is your custom greeting, created programmatically using Aspose Words!\r" +
                "\fDear Sir or Madam,\r\r\tThis is your custom greeting, created programmatically using Aspose Words!",

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