ToaCategories class

Represents a table of authorities categories.

To learn more, visit the Working with Fields documentation article.

public class ToaCategories


ToaCategories()The default constructor.


static DefaultCategories { get; }Gets the default table of authorities categories.
Item { get; set; }Gets or sets the category heading by category number.


Shows how to specify a set of categories for TOA fields.

Document doc = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

// TOA fields can filter their entries by categories defined in this collection.
ToaCategories toaCategories = new ToaCategories();
doc.FieldOptions.ToaCategories = toaCategories;

// This collection of categories comes with default values, which we can overwrite with custom values.
Assert.AreEqual("Cases", toaCategories[1]);
Assert.AreEqual("Statutes", toaCategories[2]);

toaCategories[1] = "My Category 1";
toaCategories[2] = "My Category 2";

// We can always access the default values via this collection.
Assert.AreEqual("Cases", ToaCategories.DefaultCategories[1]);
Assert.AreEqual("Statutes", ToaCategories.DefaultCategories[2]);

// Insert 2 TOA fields. TOA fields create an entry for each TA field in the document.
// Use the "\c" switch to select the index of a category from our collection.
//  With this switch, a TOA field will only pick up entries from TA fields that
// also have a "\c" switch with a matching category index. Each TOA field will also display
// the name of the category that its "\c" switch points to.
builder.InsertField("TOA \\c 1 \\h", null);
builder.InsertField("TOA \\c 2 \\h", null);

// Insert TOA entries across 2 categories. Our first TOA field will receive one entry,
// from the second TA field whose "\c" switch also points to the first category.
// The second TOA field will have two entries from the other two TA fields.
builder.InsertField("TA \\c 2 \\l \"entry 1\"");
builder.InsertField("TA \\c 1 \\l \"entry 2\"");
builder.InsertField("TA \\c 2 \\l \"entry 3\"");

doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "FieldOptions.TOA.Categories.docx");

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