The Aspose.Words.Fonts namespace provides classes and enumerations to access information about fonts used in a document.


DefaultFontSubstitutionRuleDefault font substitution rule.
FileFontSourceRepresents the single TrueType font file stored in the file system.
FolderFontSourceRepresents the folder that contains TrueType font files.
FontConfigSubstitutionRuleFont config substitution rule.
FontFallbackSettingsSpecifies font fallback mechanism settings.
FontInfoSpecifies information about a font used in the document.
FontInfoCollectionRepresents a collection of fonts used in a document.
FontInfoSubstitutionRuleFont info substitution rule.
FontNameSubstitutionRuleFont substitution rule for processing font name.
FontSettingsSpecifies font settings for a document.
FontSourceBaseThis is an abstract base class for the classes that allow the user to specify various font sources.
FontSubstitutionRuleThis is an abstract base class for the font substitution rule.
FontSubstitutionSettingsSpecifies font substitution mechanism settings.
MemoryFontSourceRepresents the single TrueType font file stored in memory.
PhysicalFontInfoSpecifies information about physical font available to Aspose.Words font engine.
StreamFontSourceBase class for user-defined stream font source.
SystemFontSourceRepresents all TrueType fonts installed to the system.
TableSubstitutionRuleTable font substitution rule.


EmbeddedFontFormatSpecifies format of particular embedded font inside FontInfo object.
EmbeddedFontStyleSpecifies the style of an embedded font inside a FontInfo object.
FontFamilyRepresents the font family.
FontPitchRepresents the font pitch.
FontSourceTypeSpecifies the type of a font source.