FontFamily enumeration

Represents the font family.

public enum FontFamily


Auto0Specifies a generic family name. This name is used when information about a font does not exist or does not matter. The default font is used.
Roman1Specifies a proportional font with serifs. An example is Times New Roman.
Swiss2Specifies a proportional font without serifs. An example is Arial.
Modern3Specifies a monospace font with or without serifs. Monospace fonts are usually modern; examples include Pica, Elite, and Courier New.
Script4Specifies a font that is designed to look like handwriting; examples include Script and Cursive.
Decorative5Specifies a novelty font. An example is Old English.


A font family is a set of fonts having common stroke width and serif characteristics.


Shows how to access and print details of each font in a document.

Document doc = new Document(MyDir + "Document.docx");

IEnumerator<FontInfo> fontCollectionEnumerator = doc.FontInfos.GetEnumerator();
while (fontCollectionEnumerator.MoveNext())
    FontInfo fontInfo = fontCollectionEnumerator.Current;
    if (fontInfo != null)
        Console.WriteLine("Font name: " + fontInfo.Name);

        // Alt names are usually blank.
        Console.WriteLine("Alt name: " + fontInfo.AltName);
        Console.WriteLine("\t- Family: " + fontInfo.Family);
        Console.WriteLine("\t- " + (fontInfo.IsTrueType ? "Is TrueType" : "Is not TrueType"));
        Console.WriteLine("\t- Pitch: " + fontInfo.Pitch);
        Console.WriteLine("\t- Charset: " + fontInfo.Charset);
        Console.WriteLine("\t- Panose:");
        Console.WriteLine("\t\tFamily Kind: " + fontInfo.Panose[0]);
        Console.WriteLine("\t\tSerif Style: " + fontInfo.Panose[1]);
        Console.WriteLine("\t\tWeight: " + fontInfo.Panose[2]);
        Console.WriteLine("\t\tProportion: " + fontInfo.Panose[3]);
        Console.WriteLine("\t\tContrast: " + fontInfo.Panose[4]);
        Console.WriteLine("\t\tStroke Variation: " + fontInfo.Panose[5]);
        Console.WriteLine("\t\tArm Style: " + fontInfo.Panose[6]);
        Console.WriteLine("\t\tLetterform: " + fontInfo.Panose[7]);
        Console.WriteLine("\t\tMidline: " + fontInfo.Panose[8]);
        Console.WriteLine("\t\tX-Height: " + fontInfo.Panose[9]);

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