FontSettings.SaveSearchCache method

Saves the font search cache to the stream.

public void SaveSearchCache(Stream outputStream)
Parameter Type Description
outputStream Stream Output stream.


See SetFontsSources method description for more info.


Shows how to speed up the font cache initialization process.

public void LoadFontSearchCache()
    const string cacheKey1 = "Arvo";
    const string cacheKey2 = "Arvo-Bold";
    FontSettings parsedFonts = new FontSettings();
    FontSettings loadedCache = new FontSettings();

    parsedFonts.SetFontsSources(new FontSourceBase[]
        new FileFontSource(FontsDir + "Arvo-Regular.ttf", 0, cacheKey1),
        new FileFontSource(FontsDir + "Arvo-Bold.ttf", 0, cacheKey2)

    using (MemoryStream cacheStream = new MemoryStream())
        loadedCache.SetFontsSources(new FontSourceBase[]
            new SearchCacheStream(cacheKey1),                    
            new MemoryFontSource(File.ReadAllBytes(FontsDir + "Arvo-Bold.ttf"), 0, cacheKey2)
        }, cacheStream);

    Assert.AreEqual(parsedFonts.GetFontsSources().Length, loadedCache.GetFontsSources().Length);

/// <summary>
/// Load the font data only when required instead of storing it in the memory
/// for the entire lifetime of the "FontSettings" object.
/// </summary>
private class SearchCacheStream : StreamFontSource
    public SearchCacheStream(string cacheKey):base(0, cacheKey)

    public override Stream OpenFontDataStream()
        return File.OpenRead(FontsDir + "Arvo-Regular.ttf");

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