FontSettings.SetFontsFolders method

Sets the folders where Aspose.Words looks for TrueType fonts when rendering documents or embedding fonts.

public void SetFontsFolders(string[] fontsFolders, bool recursive)
Parameter Type Description
fontsFolders String[] An array of folders that contain TrueType fonts.
recursive Boolean True to scan the specified folders for fonts recursively.


By default, Aspose.Words looks for fonts installed to the system.

Setting this property resets the cache of all previously loaded fonts.


Shows how to set multiple font source directories.

Document doc = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

builder.Font.Name = "Amethysta";
builder.Writeln("The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.");
builder.Font.Name = "Junction Light";
builder.Writeln("The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.");

// Our font sources do not contain the font that we have used for text in this document.
// If we use these font settings while rendering this document,
// Aspose.Words will apply a fallback font to text which has a font that Aspose.Words cannot locate.
FontSourceBase[] originalFontSources = FontSettings.DefaultInstance.GetFontsSources();

Assert.AreEqual(1, originalFontSources.Length);
Assert.True(originalFontSources[0].GetAvailableFonts().Any(f => f.FullFontName == "Arial"));

// The default font sources are missing the two fonts that we are using in this document.
Assert.False(originalFontSources[0].GetAvailableFonts().Any(f => f.FullFontName == "Amethysta"));
Assert.False(originalFontSources[0].GetAvailableFonts().Any(f => f.FullFontName == "Junction Light"));

// Use the "SetFontsFolders" method to create a font source from each font directory that we pass as the first argument.
// Pass "false" as the "recursive" argument to include fonts from all the font files that are in the directories
// that we are passing in the first argument, but not include any fonts from any of the directories' subfolders.
// Pass "true" as the "recursive" argument to include all font files in the directories that we are passing
// in the first argument, as well as all the fonts in their subdirectories.
FontSettings.DefaultInstance.SetFontsFolders(new[] {FontsDir + "/Amethysta", FontsDir + "/Junction"},

FontSourceBase[] newFontSources = FontSettings.DefaultInstance.GetFontsSources();

Assert.AreEqual(2, newFontSources.Length);
Assert.False(newFontSources[0].GetAvailableFonts().Any(f => f.FullFontName == "Arial"));
Assert.AreEqual(1, newFontSources[0].GetAvailableFonts().Count);
Assert.True(newFontSources[0].GetAvailableFonts().Any(f => f.FullFontName == "Amethysta"));

// The "Junction" folder itself contains no font files, but has subfolders that do.
if (recursive)
    Assert.AreEqual(6, newFontSources[1].GetAvailableFonts().Count);
    Assert.True(newFontSources[1].GetAvailableFonts().Any(f => f.FullFontName == "Junction Light"));
    Assert.AreEqual(0, newFontSources[1].GetAvailableFonts().Count);

doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "FontSettings.SetFontsFolders.pdf");

// Restore the original font sources.

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