FontSourceBase.GetAvailableFonts method

Returns list of fonts available via this source.

public IList<PhysicalFontInfo> GetAvailableFonts()


Shows how to list available fonts.

// Configure Aspose.Words to source fonts from a custom folder, and then print every available font.
FontSourceBase[] folderFontSource = { new FolderFontSource(FontsDir, true) };

foreach (PhysicalFontInfo fontInfo in folderFontSource[0].GetAvailableFonts())
    Console.WriteLine("FontFamilyName : {0}", fontInfo.FontFamilyName);
    Console.WriteLine("FullFontName  : {0}", fontInfo.FullFontName);
    Console.WriteLine("Version  : {0}", fontInfo.Version);
    Console.WriteLine("FilePath : {0}\n", fontInfo.FilePath);

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