MemoryFontSource class

Represents the single TrueType font file stored in memory.

public class MemoryFontSource : FontSourceBase


Name Description
MemoryFontSource(byte[]) Ctor.
MemoryFontSource(byte[], int) Ctor.
MemoryFontSource(byte[], int, string) Ctor.


Name Description
CacheKey { get; } The key of this source in the cache.
FontData { get; } Binary font data.
Priority { get; } Returns the font source priority.
override Type { get; } Returns the type of the font source.
WarningCallback { get; set; } Called during processing of font source when an issue is detected that might result in formatting fidelity loss.


Name Description
GetAvailableFonts() Returns list of fonts available via this source.


Shows how to use a byte array with data from a font file as a font source.

byte[] fontBytes = File.ReadAllBytes(MyDir + "Alte DIN 1451 Mittelschrift.ttf");
MemoryFontSource memoryFontSource = new MemoryFontSource(fontBytes, 0);

Document doc = new Document();
doc.FontSettings = new FontSettings();
doc.FontSettings.SetFontsSources(new FontSourceBase[] {memoryFontSource});

Assert.AreEqual(FontSourceType.MemoryFont, memoryFontSource.Type);
Assert.AreEqual(0, memoryFontSource.Priority);

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