TableSubstitutionRule.LoadLinuxSettings method

Loads predefined table substitution settings for Linux platform.

public void LoadLinuxSettings()


Shows how to access font substitution tables for Windows and Linux.

Document doc = new Document();
FontSettings fontSettings = new FontSettings();
doc.FontSettings = fontSettings;

// Create a new table substitution rule and load the default Microsoft Windows font substitution table.
TableSubstitutionRule tableSubstitutionRule = fontSettings.SubstitutionSettings.TableSubstitution;

// In Windows, the default substitute for the "Times New Roman CE" font is "Times New Roman".
Assert.AreEqual(new[] {"Times New Roman"},
    tableSubstitutionRule.GetSubstitutes("Times New Roman CE").ToArray());

// We can save the table in the form of an XML document.
tableSubstitutionRule.Save(ArtifactsDir + "FontSettings.TableSubstitutionRule.Windows.xml");

// Linux has its own substitution table.
// There are multiple substitute fonts for "Times New Roman CE".
// If the first substitute, "FreeSerif" is also unavailable,
// this rule will cycle through the others in the array until it finds an available one.
Assert.AreEqual(new[] {"FreeSerif", "Liberation Serif", "DejaVu Serif"},
    tableSubstitutionRule.GetSubstitutes("Times New Roman CE").ToArray());

// Save the Linux substitution table in the form of an XML document using a stream.
using (FileStream fileStream = new FileStream(ArtifactsDir + "FontSettings.TableSubstitutionRule.Linux.xml",

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