RevisionOptions.ShowInBalloons property

Allows to specify whether the revisions are rendered in the balloons. Default value is None.

public ShowInBalloons ShowInBalloons { get; set; }


Note that revisions are not rendered in balloons for ShowInAnnotations.


Shows how to display revisions in balloons.

Document doc = new Document(MyDir + "Revisions.docx");

// By default, text that is a revision has a different color to differentiate it from the other non-revision text.
// Set a revision option to show more details about each revision in a balloon on the page's right margin.
doc.LayoutOptions.RevisionOptions.ShowInBalloons = ShowInBalloons.FormatAndDelete;
doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "Revision.ShowRevisionBalloons.pdf");

Shows how to modify the appearance of revisions.

Document doc = new Document(MyDir + "Revisions.docx");

// Get the RevisionOptions object that controls the appearance of revisions.
RevisionOptions revisionOptions = doc.LayoutOptions.RevisionOptions;

// Render insertion revisions in green and italic.
revisionOptions.InsertedTextColor = RevisionColor.Green;
revisionOptions.InsertedTextEffect = RevisionTextEffect.Italic;

// Render deletion revisions in red and bold.
revisionOptions.DeletedTextColor = RevisionColor.Red;
revisionOptions.DeletedTextEffect = RevisionTextEffect.Bold;

// The same text will appear twice in a movement revision:
// once at the departure point and once at the arrival destination.
// Render the text at the moved-from revision yellow with a double strike through
// and double-underlined blue at the moved-to revision.
revisionOptions.MovedFromTextColor = RevisionColor.Yellow;
revisionOptions.MovedFromTextEffect = RevisionTextEffect.DoubleStrikeThrough;
revisionOptions.MovedToTextColor = RevisionColor.ClassicBlue;
revisionOptions.MovedFromTextEffect = RevisionTextEffect.DoubleUnderline;

// Render format revisions in dark red and bold.
revisionOptions.RevisedPropertiesColor = RevisionColor.DarkRed;
revisionOptions.RevisedPropertiesEffect = RevisionTextEffect.Bold;

// Place a thick dark blue bar on the left side of the page next to lines affected by revisions.
revisionOptions.RevisionBarsColor = RevisionColor.DarkBlue;
revisionOptions.RevisionBarsWidth = 15.0f;

// Show revision marks and original text.
revisionOptions.ShowOriginalRevision = true;
revisionOptions.ShowRevisionMarks = true;

// Get movement, deletion, formatting revisions, and comments to show up in green balloons
// on the right side of the page.
revisionOptions.ShowInBalloons = ShowInBalloons.Format;
revisionOptions.CommentColor = RevisionColor.BrightGreen;

// These features are only applicable to formats such as .pdf or .jpg.
doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "Revision.RevisionOptions.pdf");

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