RevisionTextEffect enumeration

Allows to specify decoration effect for revisions of document text.

public enum RevisionTextEffect


None0Revised content has no special effects applied. This corresponds to NoHighlight.
Color1Revised content is highlighted with color only.
Bold2Revised content is made bold and colored.
Italic3Revised content is made italic and colored.
Underline4Revised content is underlined and colored.
DoubleUnderline5Revised content is double underlined and colored.
StrikeThrough6Revised content is stroked through and colored.
DoubleStrikeThrough7Revised content is double stroked through and colored.
Hidden8Revised content is hidden.


Shows how to modify the appearance of revisions.

Document doc = new Document(MyDir + "Revisions.docx");

// Get the RevisionOptions object that controls the appearance of revisions.
RevisionOptions revisionOptions = doc.LayoutOptions.RevisionOptions;

// Render insertion revisions in green and italic.
revisionOptions.InsertedTextColor = RevisionColor.Green;
revisionOptions.InsertedTextEffect = RevisionTextEffect.Italic;

// Render deletion revisions in red and bold.
revisionOptions.DeletedTextColor = RevisionColor.Red;
revisionOptions.DeletedTextEffect = RevisionTextEffect.Bold;

// The same text will appear twice in a movement revision:
// once at the departure point and once at the arrival destination.
// Render the text at the moved-from revision yellow with a double strike through
// and double-underlined blue at the moved-to revision.
revisionOptions.MovedFromTextColor = RevisionColor.Yellow;
revisionOptions.MovedFromTextEffect = RevisionTextEffect.DoubleStrikeThrough;
revisionOptions.MovedToTextColor = RevisionColor.ClassicBlue;
revisionOptions.MovedFromTextEffect = RevisionTextEffect.DoubleUnderline;

// Render format revisions in dark red and bold.
revisionOptions.RevisedPropertiesColor = RevisionColor.DarkRed;
revisionOptions.RevisedPropertiesEffect = RevisionTextEffect.Bold;

// Place a thick dark blue bar on the left side of the page next to lines affected by revisions.
revisionOptions.RevisionBarsColor = RevisionColor.DarkBlue;
revisionOptions.RevisionBarsWidth = 15.0f;

// Show revision marks and original text.
revisionOptions.ShowOriginalRevision = true;
revisionOptions.ShowRevisionMarks = true;

// Get movement, deletion, formatting revisions, and comments to show up in green balloons
// on the right side of the page.
revisionOptions.ShowInBalloons = ShowInBalloons.Format;
revisionOptions.CommentColor = RevisionColor.BrightGreen;

// These features are only applicable to formats such as .pdf or .jpg.
doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "Revision.RevisionOptions.pdf");

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