ChmLoadOptions.OriginalFileName property

The name of the CHM file. Default value is null.

public string OriginalFileName { get; set; }


CHM documents may contain links that reference the same document by file name. Aspose.Words supports such links and normally uses OriginalFileName to check whether the file referenced by a link is the file that is being loaded. If a document is loaded from a stream, its original file name should be specified explicitly via this property, since it cannot be determined automatically.

If a CHM document is loaded from a file and a non-null value for this property is specified, the value will take priority over the actual name of the file stored in OriginalFileName.


Shows how to resolve URLs like “ms-its:myfile.chm::/index.htm”.

// Our document contains URLs like "ms-its:amhelp.chm::....htm", but it has a different name,
// so file links don't work after saving it to HTML.
// We need to define the original filename in 'ChmLoadOptions' to avoid this behavior.
ChmLoadOptions loadOptions = new ChmLoadOptions { OriginalFileName = "amhelp.chm" };

Document doc = new Document(new MemoryStream(File.ReadAllBytes(MyDir + "Document with ms-its links.chm")),

doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "ExChmLoadOptions.OriginalFileName.html");

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