LoadOptions.WarningCallback property

Called during a load operation, when an issue is detected that might result in data or formatting fidelity loss.

public IWarningCallback WarningCallback { get; set; }


Shows how to print and store warnings that occur during document loading.

public void LoadOptionsWarningCallback()
    // Create a new LoadOptions object and set its WarningCallback attribute
    // as an instance of our IWarningCallback implementation.
    LoadOptions loadOptions = new LoadOptions();
    loadOptions.WarningCallback = new DocumentLoadingWarningCallback();

    // Our callback will print all warnings that come up during the load operation.
    Document doc = new Document(MyDir + "Document.docx", loadOptions);

    List<WarningInfo> warnings = ((DocumentLoadingWarningCallback)loadOptions.WarningCallback).GetWarnings();
    Assert.AreEqual(3, warnings.Count);

/// <summary>
/// IWarningCallback that prints warnings and their details as they arise during document loading.
/// </summary>
private class DocumentLoadingWarningCallback : IWarningCallback
    public void Warning(WarningInfo info)
        Console.WriteLine($"Warning: {info.WarningType}");
        Console.WriteLine($"\tSource: {info.Source}");
        Console.WriteLine($"\tDescription: {info.Description}");

    public List<WarningInfo> GetWarnings()
        return mWarnings;

    private readonly List<WarningInfo> mWarnings = new List<WarningInfo>();

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