The Aspose.Words.Markup namespace contains classes that represent customer defined semantics in a document: smart tags, custom XML and structured document tags (content controls).


CustomPartRepresents a custom (arbitrary content) part, that is not defined by the ISO/IEC 29500 standard.
CustomPartCollectionRepresents a collection of CustomPart objects.
CustomXmlPartRepresents a Custom XML Data Storage Part (custom XML data within a package).
CustomXmlPartCollectionRepresents a collection of Custom XML Parts. The items are CustomXmlPart objects.
CustomXmlPropertyRepresents a single custom XML attribute or a smart tag property.
CustomXmlPropertyCollectionRepresents a collection of custom XML attributes or smart tag properties.
CustomXmlSchemaCollectionA collection of strings that represent XML schemas that are associated with a custom XML part.
SdtListItemThis element specifies a single list item within a parent ComboBox or DropDownList structured document tag.
SdtListItemCollectionProvides access to SdtListItem elements of a structured document tag.
SmartTagThis element specifies the presence of a smart tag around one or more inline structures (runs, images, fields,etc.) within a paragraph.
StructuredDocumentTagRepresents a structured document tag (SDT or content control) in a document.
StructuredDocumentTagCollectionA collection of IStructuredDocumentTag instances that represent the structured document tags in the specified range.
StructuredDocumentTagRangeEndRepresents an end of ranged structured document tag which accepts multi-sections content. See also StructuredDocumentTagRangeStart node.
StructuredDocumentTagRangeStartRepresents a start of ranged structured document tag which accepts multi-sections content. See also StructuredDocumentTagRangeEnd.
XmlMappingSpecifies the information that is used to establish a mapping between the parent structured document tag and an XML element stored within a custom XML data part in the document.


IStructuredDocumentTagInterface to define a common data for StructuredDocumentTag and StructuredDocumentTagRangeStart.


MarkupLevelSpecifies the level in the document tree where a particular StructuredDocumentTag can occur.
SdtAppearanceSpecifies the appearance of a structured document tag.
SdtCalendarTypeSpecifies the possible types of calendars which can be used to specify CalendarType in an Office Open XML document.
SdtDateStorageFormatSpecifies how the date for a date SDT is stored/retrieved when the SDT is bound to an XML node in the document’s data store.
SdtTypeSpecifies the type of a structured document tag (SDT) node.