CustomXmlPropertyCollection.IndexOfKey method

Returns the zero-based index of the specified property in the collection.

public int IndexOfKey(string name)
Parameter Type Description
name String The case-sensitive name of the property.

Return Value

The zero based index. Negative value if not found.


Shows how to work with smart tag properties to get in depth information about smart tags.

Document doc = new Document(MyDir + "Smart tags.doc");

// A smart tag appears in a document with Microsoft Word recognizes a part of its text as some form of data,
// such as a name, date, or address, and converts it to a hyperlink that displays a purple dotted underline.
// In Word 2003, we can enable smart tags via "Tools" -> "AutoCorrect options..." -> "SmartTags".
// In our input document, there are three objects that Microsoft Word registered as smart tags.
// Smart tags may be nested, so this collection contains more.
SmartTag[] smartTags = doc.GetChildNodes(NodeType.SmartTag, true).OfType<SmartTag>().ToArray();

Assert.AreEqual(8, smartTags.Length);

// The "Properties" member of a smart tag contains its metadata, which will be different for each type of smart tag.
// The properties of a "date"-type smart tag contain its year, month, and day.
CustomXmlPropertyCollection properties = smartTags[7].Properties;

Assert.AreEqual(4, properties.Count);

using (IEnumerator<CustomXmlProperty> enumerator = properties.GetEnumerator())
    while (enumerator.MoveNext())
        Console.WriteLine($"Property name: {enumerator.Current.Name}, value: {enumerator.Current.Value}");
        Assert.AreEqual("", enumerator.Current.Uri);

// We can also access the properties in various ways, such as a key-value pair.
Assert.AreEqual("22", properties["Day"].Value);
Assert.AreEqual("2003", properties[2].Value);
Assert.AreEqual(1, properties.IndexOfKey("Month"));

// Below are three ways of removing elements from the properties collection.
// 1 -  Remove by index:

Assert.AreEqual(3, properties.Count);

// 2 -  Remove by name:

Assert.AreEqual(2, properties.Count);

// 3 -  Clear the entire collection at once:

Assert.AreEqual(0, properties.Count);

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