SdtListItemCollection class

Provides access to SdtListItem elements of a structured document tag.

To learn more, visit the Structured Document Tags or Content Control documentation article.

public class SdtListItemCollection : IEnumerable<SdtListItem>


Count { get; }Gets number of items in the collection.
Item { get; }Returns a SdtListItem object given its zero-based index in the collection.
SelectedValue { get; set; }Specifies currently selected value in this list. Null value allowed, meaning that no currently selected entry is associated with this list item collection.


Add(SdtListItem)Adds an item to this collection.
Clear()Clears all items from this collection.
GetEnumerator()Returns an enumerator object that can be used to iterate over all items in the collection.
RemoveAt(int)Removes a list item at the specified index.


Shows how to work with drop down-list structured document tags.

Document doc = new Document();
StructuredDocumentTag tag = new StructuredDocumentTag(doc, SdtType.DropDownList, MarkupLevel.Block);

// A drop-down list structured document tag is a form that allows the user to
// select an option from a list by left-clicking and opening the form in Microsoft Word.
// The "ListItems" property contains all list items, and each list item is an "SdtListItem".
SdtListItemCollection listItems = tag.ListItems;
listItems.Add(new SdtListItem("Value 1"));

Assert.AreEqual(listItems[0].DisplayText, listItems[0].Value);

// Add 3 more list items. Initialize these items using a different constructor to the first item
// to display strings that are different from their values.
listItems.Add(new SdtListItem("Item 2", "Value 2"));
listItems.Add(new SdtListItem("Item 3", "Value 3"));
listItems.Add(new SdtListItem("Item 4", "Value 4"));

Assert.AreEqual(4, listItems.Count);

// The drop-down list is displaying the first item. Assign a different list item to the "SelectedValue" to display it.
listItems.SelectedValue = listItems[3];

Assert.AreEqual("Value 4", listItems.SelectedValue.Value);

// Enumerate over the collection and print each element.
using (IEnumerator<SdtListItem> enumerator = listItems.GetEnumerator())
    while (enumerator.MoveNext())
        if (enumerator.Current != null)
            Console.WriteLine($"List item: {enumerator.Current.DisplayText}, value: {enumerator.Current.Value}");

// Remove the last list item. 

Assert.AreEqual(3, listItems.Count);

// Since our drop-down control is set to display the removed item by default, give it an item to display which exists.
listItems.SelectedValue = listItems[1];

doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "StructuredDocumentTag.ListItemCollection.docx");

// Use the "Clear" method to empty the entire drop-down item collection at once.

Assert.AreEqual(0, listItems.Count);

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