OfficeMathJustification enumeration

Specifies the justification of the equation.

public enum OfficeMathJustification


Name Value Description
CenterGroup 1 Justifies instances of mathematical text to the left with respect to each other, and centers the group of mathematical text (the Math Paragraph) with respect to the page.
Center 2 Centers each instance of mathematical text individually with respect to margins.
Left 3 Left justification of Math Paragraph.
Right 4 Right Justification of Math Paragraph.
Inline 7 Inline position of Math.
Default 1 Default value CenterGroup.


Shows how to set office math display formatting.

Document doc = new Document(MyDir + "Office math.docx");

OfficeMath officeMath = (OfficeMath) doc.GetChild(NodeType.OfficeMath, 0, true);

// OfficeMath nodes that are children of other OfficeMath nodes are always inline.
// The node we are working with is the base node to change its location and display type.
Assert.AreEqual(MathObjectType.OMathPara, officeMath.MathObjectType);
Assert.AreEqual(NodeType.OfficeMath, officeMath.NodeType);
Assert.AreEqual(officeMath.ParentNode, officeMath.ParentParagraph);

// OOXML and WML formats use the "EquationXmlEncoding" property.

// Change the location and display type of the OfficeMath node.
officeMath.DisplayType = OfficeMathDisplayType.Display;
officeMath.Justification = OfficeMathJustification.Left;

doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "Shape.OfficeMath.docx");

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