PrinterSettingsContainer.PaperSources property

See PaperSources.

public PaperSourceCollection PaperSources { get; }


Shows how to access and list your printer’s paper sources and sizes.

// The "PrinterSettingsContainer" contains a "PrinterSettings" object,
// which contains unique data for different printer drivers.
PrinterSettingsContainer container = new PrinterSettingsContainer(new PrinterSettings());

Console.WriteLine($"This printer contains {container.PaperSources.Count} printer paper sources:");
foreach (PaperSource paperSource in container.PaperSources)
    bool isDefault = container.DefaultPageSettingsPaperSource.SourceName == paperSource.SourceName;
    Console.WriteLine($"\t{paperSource.SourceName}, " +
                      $"RawKind: {paperSource.RawKind} {(isDefault ? "(Default)" : "")}");

// The "PaperSizes" property contains the list of paper sizes to instruct the printer to use.
// Both the PrinterSource and PrinterSize contain a "RawKind" property,
// which equates to a paper type listed on the PaperSourceKind enum.
// If there is a paper source with the same "RawKind" value as that of the printing page,
// the printer will print the page using the provided paper source and size.
// Otherwise, the printer will default to the source designated by the "DefaultPageSettingsPaperSource" property.
Console.WriteLine($"{container.PaperSizes.Count} paper sizes:");
foreach (System.Drawing.Printing.PaperSize paperSize in container.PaperSizes)
    Console.WriteLine($"\t{paperSize}, RawKind: {paperSize.RawKind}");

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