This namespace contains classes of the Aspose.Words’ new reporting engine that supports report templates marked up with a language based on the LINQ Method Syntax.


CsvDataLoadOptionsRepresents options for parsing CSV data.
CsvDataSourceProvides access to data of a CSV file or stream to be used within a report.
JsonDataLoadOptionsRepresents options for parsing JSON data.
JsonDataSourceProvides access to data of a JSON file or stream to be used within a report.
KnownTypeSetRepresents an unordered set (i.e. a collection of unique items) containing Type objects which fully or partially qualified names can be used within report templates to invoke the corresponding types’ static members, perform type casts, etc.
ReportingEngineProvides routines to populate template documents with data and a set of settings to control these routines.
XmlDataLoadOptionsRepresents options for XML data loading.
XmlDataSourceProvides access to data of an XML file or stream to be used within a report.


JsonSimpleValueParseModeSpecifies a mode for parsing JSON simple values (null, boolean, number, integer, and string) while loading JSON. Such a mode does not affect parsing of date-time values.
ReportBuildOptionsSpecifies options controlling behavior of ReportingEngine while building a report.