CompressionLevel enumeration

Compression level for OOXML files.

(DOCX and DOTX files are internally a ZIP-archive, this property controls the compression level of the archive.

Note, that FlatOpc file is not a ZIP-archive, therefore, this property does not affect the FlatOpc files.)

public enum CompressionLevel


Name Value Description
Normal 0 Normal compression level. Default compression level used by Aspose.Words.
Maximum 1 Maximum compression level.
Fast 2 Fast compression level.
SuperFast 3 Super Fast compression level. Microsoft Word uses this compression level.


Shows how to specify the compression level to use while saving an OOXML document.

Document doc = new Document(MyDir + "Big document.docx");

// When we save the document to an OOXML format, we can create an OoxmlSaveOptions object
// and then pass it to the document's saving method to modify how we save the document.
// Set the "CompressionLevel" property to "CompressionLevel.Maximum" to apply the strongest and slowest compression.
// Set the "CompressionLevel" property to "CompressionLevel.Normal" to apply
// the default compression that Aspose.Words uses while saving OOXML documents.
// Set the "CompressionLevel" property to "CompressionLevel.Fast" to apply a faster and weaker compression.
// Set the "CompressionLevel" property to "CompressionLevel.SuperFast" to apply
// the default compression that Microsoft Word uses.
OoxmlSaveOptions saveOptions = new OoxmlSaveOptions(SaveFormat.Docx);
saveOptions.CompressionLevel = compressionLevel;

Stopwatch st = Stopwatch.StartNew();
doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "OoxmlSaveOptions.DocumentCompression.docx", saveOptions);

FileInfo fileInfo = new FileInfo(ArtifactsDir + "OoxmlSaveOptions.DocumentCompression.docx");

Console.WriteLine($"Saving operation done using the \"{compressionLevel}\" compression level:");
Console.WriteLine($"\tDuration:\t{st.ElapsedMilliseconds} ms");
Console.WriteLine($"\tFile Size:\t{fileInfo.Length} bytes");

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