MarkdownSaveOptions.ImagesFolder property

Specifies the physical folder where images are saved when exporting a document to the Markdown format. Default is an empty string.

public string ImagesFolder { get; set; }


When you save a Document in Markdown format, Aspose.Words needs to save all images embedded in the document as standalone files. ImagesFolder allows you to specify where the images will be saved.

If you save a document into a file and provide a file name, Aspose.Words, by default, saves the images in the same folder where the document file is saved. Use ImagesFolder to override this behavior.

If you save a document into a stream, Aspose.Words does not have a folder where to save the images, but still needs to save the images somewhere. In this case, you need to specify an accessible folder in the ImagesFolder property.

If the folder specified by ImagesFolder doesn’t exist, it will be created automatically.

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