MetafileRenderingOptions.EmfPlusDualRenderingMode property

Gets or sets a value determining how EMF+ Dual metafiles should be rendered.

public EmfPlusDualRenderingMode EmfPlusDualRenderingMode { get; set; }


EMF+ Dual metafiles contains both EMF+ and EMF parts. MS Word and GDI+ always renders EMF+ part. Aspose.Words currently doesn’t fully supports all EMF+ records and in some cases rendering result of EMF part looks better then rendering result of EMF+ part.

This option is used only when metafile is rendered as vector graphics. When metafile is rendered to bitmap, EMF+ part is always used.

The default value is EmfPlusWithFallback.


Shows how to configure Enhanced Windows Metafile-related rendering options when saving to PDF.

Document doc = new Document(MyDir + "EMF.docx");

// Create a "PdfSaveOptions" object that we can pass to the document's "Save" method
// to modify how that method converts the document to .PDF.
PdfSaveOptions saveOptions = new PdfSaveOptions();

// Set the "EmfPlusDualRenderingMode" property to "EmfPlusDualRenderingMode.Emf"
// to only render the EMF part of an EMF+ dual metafile.
// Set the "EmfPlusDualRenderingMode" property to "EmfPlusDualRenderingMode.EmfPlus" to
// to render the EMF+ part of an EMF+ dual metafile.
// Set the "EmfPlusDualRenderingMode" property to "EmfPlusDualRenderingMode.EmfPlusWithFallback"
// to render the EMF+ part of an EMF+ dual metafile if all of the EMF+ records are supported.
// Otherwise, Aspose.Words will render the EMF part.
saveOptions.MetafileRenderingOptions.EmfPlusDualRenderingMode = renderingMode;

// Set the "UseEmfEmbeddedToWmf" property to "true" to render embedded EMF data
// for metafiles that we can render as vector graphics.
saveOptions.MetafileRenderingOptions.UseEmfEmbeddedToWmf = true;

doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "PdfSaveOptions.RenderMetafile.pdf", saveOptions);

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