XamlFixedSaveOptions.ResourceSavingCallback property

Allows to control how resources (images and fonts) are saved when a document is exported to fixed page Xaml format.

public IResourceSavingCallback ResourceSavingCallback { get; set; }


Shows how to print the URIs of linked resources created while converting a document to fixed-form .xaml.

public void ResourceFolder()
    Document doc = new Document(MyDir + "Rendering.docx");
    ResourceUriPrinter callback = new ResourceUriPrinter();

    // Create a "XamlFixedSaveOptions" object, which we can pass to the document's "Save" method
    // to modify how we save the document to the XAML save format.
    XamlFixedSaveOptions options = new XamlFixedSaveOptions();

    Assert.AreEqual(SaveFormat.XamlFixed, options.SaveFormat);

    // Use the "ResourcesFolder" property to assign a folder in the local file system into which
    // Aspose.Words will save all the document's linked resources, such as images and fonts.
    options.ResourcesFolder = ArtifactsDir + "XamlFixedResourceFolder";

    // Use the "ResourcesFolderAlias" property to use this folder
    // when constructing image URIs instead of the resources folder's name.
    options.ResourcesFolderAlias = ArtifactsDir + "XamlFixedFolderAlias";

    options.ResourceSavingCallback = callback;

    // A folder specified by "ResourcesFolderAlias" will need to contain the resources instead of "ResourcesFolder".
    // We must ensure the folder exists before the callback's streams can put their resources into it.

    doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "XamlFixedSaveOptions.ResourceFolder.xaml", options);

    foreach (string resource in callback.Resources)

/// <summary>
/// Counts and prints URIs of resources created during conversion to fixed .xaml.
/// </summary>
private class ResourceUriPrinter : IResourceSavingCallback
    public ResourceUriPrinter()
        Resources = new List<string>();

    void IResourceSavingCallback.ResourceSaving(ResourceSavingArgs args)
        Resources.Add($"Resource \"{args.ResourceFileName}\"\n\t{args.ResourceFileUri}");

        // If we specified a resource folder alias, we would also need
        // to redirect each stream to put its resource in the alias folder.
        args.ResourceStream = new FileStream(args.ResourceFileUri, FileMode.Create);
        args.KeepResourceStreamOpen = false;

    public List<string> Resources { get; }

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