CellFormat.BottomPadding property

Returns or sets the amount of space (in points) to add below the contents of cell.

public double BottomPadding { get; set; }


Shows how to format cells with a document builder.

Document doc = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

Table table = builder.StartTable();
builder.Write("Row 1, cell 1.");

// Insert a second cell, and then configure cell text padding options.
// The builder will apply these settings at its current cell, and any new cells creates afterwards.

CellFormat cellFormat = builder.CellFormat;
cellFormat.Width = 250;
cellFormat.LeftPadding = 30;
cellFormat.RightPadding = 30;
cellFormat.TopPadding = 30;
cellFormat.BottomPadding = 30;

builder.Write("Row 1, cell 2.");

// The first cell was unaffected by the padding reconfiguration, and still holds the default values.
Assert.AreEqual(0.0d, table.FirstRow.Cells[0].CellFormat.Width);
Assert.AreEqual(5.4d, table.FirstRow.Cells[0].CellFormat.LeftPadding);
Assert.AreEqual(5.4d, table.FirstRow.Cells[0].CellFormat.RightPadding);
Assert.AreEqual(0.0d, table.FirstRow.Cells[0].CellFormat.TopPadding);
Assert.AreEqual(0.0d, table.FirstRow.Cells[0].CellFormat.BottomPadding);

Assert.AreEqual(250.0d, table.FirstRow.Cells[1].CellFormat.Width);
Assert.AreEqual(30.0d, table.FirstRow.Cells[1].CellFormat.LeftPadding);
Assert.AreEqual(30.0d, table.FirstRow.Cells[1].CellFormat.RightPadding);
Assert.AreEqual(30.0d, table.FirstRow.Cells[1].CellFormat.TopPadding);
Assert.AreEqual(30.0d, table.FirstRow.Cells[1].CellFormat.BottomPadding);

// The first cell will still grow in the output document to match the size of its neighboring cell.
doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "DocumentBuilder.SetCellFormatting.docx");

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