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Compare(Document, string, DateTime)

Compares this document with another document producing changes as number of edit and format revisions Revision.

public void Compare(Document document, string author, DateTime dateTime)
documentDocumentDocument to compare.
authorStringInitials of the author to use for revisions.
dateTimeDateTimeThe date and time to use for revisions.


Documents must not have revisions before comparison.


Shows how to compare documents.

Document docOriginal = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(docOriginal);
builder.Writeln("This is the original document.");

Document docEdited = new Document();
builder = new DocumentBuilder(docEdited);
builder.Writeln("This is the edited document.");

// Comparing documents with revisions will throw an exception.
if (docOriginal.Revisions.Count == 0 && docEdited.Revisions.Count == 0)
    docOriginal.Compare(docEdited, "authorName", DateTime.Now);

// After the comparison, the original document will gain a new revision
// for every element that is different in the edited document.
foreach (Revision r in docOriginal.Revisions)
    Console.WriteLine($"Revision type: {r.RevisionType}, on a node of type \"{r.ParentNode.NodeType}\"");
    Console.WriteLine($"\tChanged text: \"{r.ParentNode.GetText()}\"");

// Accepting these revisions will transform the original document into the edited document.

Assert.AreEqual(docOriginal.GetText(), docEdited.GetText());

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Compare(Document, string, DateTime, CompareOptions)

Compares this document with another document producing changes as a number of edit and format revisions Revision. Allows to specify comparison options using CompareOptions.

public void Compare(Document document, string author, DateTime dateTime, CompareOptions options)


Shows how to filter specific types of document elements when making a comparison.

// Create the original document and populate it with various kinds of elements.
Document docOriginal = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(docOriginal);

// Paragraph text referenced with an endnote:
builder.Writeln("Hello world! This is the first paragraph.");
builder.InsertFootnote(FootnoteType.Endnote, "Original endnote text.");

// Table:
builder.Write("Original cell 1 text");
builder.Write("Original cell 2 text");

// Textbox:
Shape textBox = builder.InsertShape(ShapeType.TextBox, 150, 20);
builder.Write("Original textbox contents");

// DATE field:
builder.InsertField(" DATE ");

// Comment:
Comment newComment = new Comment(docOriginal, "John Doe", "J.D.", DateTime.Now);
newComment.SetText("Original comment.");

// Header:
builder.Writeln("Original header contents.");

// Create a clone of our document and perform a quick edit on each of the cloned document's elements.
Document docEdited = (Document)docOriginal.Clone(true);
Paragraph firstParagraph = docEdited.FirstSection.Body.FirstParagraph;

firstParagraph.Runs[0].Text = "hello world! this is the first paragraph, after editing.";
firstParagraph.ParagraphFormat.Style = docEdited.Styles[StyleIdentifier.Heading1];
((Footnote)docEdited.GetChild(NodeType.Footnote, 0, true)).FirstParagraph.Runs[1].Text = "Edited endnote text.";
((Table)docEdited.GetChild(NodeType.Table, 0, true)).FirstRow.Cells[1].FirstParagraph.Runs[0].Text = "Edited Cell 2 contents";
((Shape)docEdited.GetChild(NodeType.Shape, 0, true)).FirstParagraph.Runs[0].Text = "Edited textbox contents";
((FieldDate)docEdited.Range.Fields[0]).UseLunarCalendar = true; 
((Comment)docEdited.GetChild(NodeType.Comment, 0, true)).FirstParagraph.Runs[0].Text = "Edited comment.";
docEdited.FirstSection.HeadersFooters[HeaderFooterType.HeaderPrimary].FirstParagraph.Runs[0].Text =
    "Edited header contents.";

// Comparing documents creates a revision for every edit in the edited document.
// A CompareOptions object has a series of flags that can suppress revisions
// on each respective type of element, effectively ignoring their change.
Aspose.Words.Comparing.CompareOptions compareOptions = new Aspose.Words.Comparing.CompareOptions();
compareOptions.IgnoreFormatting = false;
compareOptions.IgnoreCaseChanges = false;
compareOptions.IgnoreComments = false;
compareOptions.IgnoreTables = false;
compareOptions.IgnoreFields = false;
compareOptions.IgnoreFootnotes = false;
compareOptions.IgnoreTextboxes = false;
compareOptions.IgnoreHeadersAndFooters = false;
compareOptions.Target = ComparisonTargetType.New;

docOriginal.Compare(docEdited, "John Doe", DateTime.Now, compareOptions);
docOriginal.Save(ArtifactsDir + "Document.CompareOptions.docx");

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