DocumentBuilder.InsertDocumentInline method

Inserts a document inline at the cursor position.

public Node InsertDocumentInline(Document srcDoc, ImportFormatMode importFormatMode, 
    ImportFormatOptions importFormatOptions)
srcDocDocumentSource document for inserting.
importFormatModeImportFormatModeSpecifies how to merge style formatting that clashes.
importFormatOptionsImportFormatOptionsAllows to specify options that affect formatting of a result document.

Return Value

First node of the inserted content.


This method mimics the MS Word behavior, as if CTRL+‘A’ (select all content) was pressed, then CTRL+‘C’ (copy selected into the buffer) inside one document and then CTRL+‘V’ (insert content from the buffer) inside another document.

As a difference from InsertDocument this method moves the content of the paragraph of the destination document, before which the source document is inserted, into the last paragraph of the inserted source document. Actually, this means that paragraph break of the last inserted paragraph is removed.

Note, if the last node of the source document is not a paragraph, then nothing will be done.


Shows how to insert a document inline at the cursor position.

DocumentBuilder srcDoc = new DocumentBuilder();
srcDoc.Write("[src content]");

// Create destination document.
DocumentBuilder dstDoc = new DocumentBuilder();
dstDoc.Write("Before ");
dstDoc.InsertNode(new BookmarkStart(dstDoc.Document, "src_place"));
dstDoc.InsertNode(new BookmarkEnd(dstDoc.Document, "src_place"));
dstDoc.Write(" after");

Assert.AreEqual("Before  after", dstDoc.Document.GetText().TrimEnd());

// Insert source document into destination inline.
dstDoc.InsertDocumentInline(srcDoc.Document, ImportFormatMode.UseDestinationStyles, new ImportFormatOptions());

Assert.AreEqual("Before [src content] after", dstDoc.Document.GetText().TrimEnd());

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