DocumentBuilder.MoveToField method

Moves the cursor to a field in the document.

public void MoveToField(Field field, bool isAfter)
fieldFieldThe field to move the cursor to.
isAfterBooleanWhen true, moves the cursor to be after the field end. When false, moves the cursor to be before the field start.


Shows how to move a document builder’s node insertion point cursor to a specific field.

Document doc = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

// Insert a field using the DocumentBuilder and add a run of text after it.
Field field = builder.InsertField(" AUTHOR \"John Doe\" ");

// The builder's cursor is currently at end of the document.

// Move the cursor to the field while specifying whether to place that cursor before or after the field.
builder.MoveToField(field, moveCursorToAfterTheField);

// Note that the cursor is outside of the field in both cases.
// This means that we cannot edit the field using the builder like this.
// To edit a field, we can use the builder's MoveTo method on a field's FieldStart
// or FieldSeparator node to place the cursor inside.
if (moveCursorToAfterTheField)
    builder.Write(" Text immediately after the field.");

    Assert.AreEqual("\u0013 AUTHOR \"John Doe\" \u0014John Doe\u0015 Text immediately after the field.", 
    Assert.AreEqual(field.Start, builder.CurrentNode);
    builder.Write("Text immediately before the field. ");

    Assert.AreEqual("Text immediately before the field. \u0013 AUTHOR \"John Doe\" \u0014John Doe\u0015", 

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