FrameFormat class

Represents frame related formatting for a paragraph.

public class FrameFormat


Height { get; }Gets the height of the specified frame.
HeightRule { get; }Gets the rule for determining the height of the specified frame.
HorizontalAlignment { get; }Gets horizontal alignment of the specified frame.
HorizontalDistanceFromText { get; }Gets horizontal distance between a frame and the surrounding text, in points.
HorizontalPosition { get; }Gets horizontal distance between the edge of the frame and the item specified by the RelativeHorizontalPosition property.
IsFrame { get; }Returns true if the paragraph is a frame.
RelativeHorizontalPosition { get; }Gets the relative horizontal position of a frame.
RelativeVerticalPosition { get; }Gets the relative vertical position of a frame.
VerticalAlignment { get; }Gets vertical alignment of the specified frame.
VerticalDistanceFromText { get; }Specifies vertical distance (in points) between a frame and the surrounding text.
VerticalPosition { get; }Gets vertical distance between the edge of the frame and the item specified by the RelativeVerticalPosition property.
Width { get; }Gets the width of the specified frame, in points.


This object is always created. If a paragraph is a frame, then all properties will contain respective values, otherwise all properties are set to their defaults.

Use IsFrame to check whether paragraph is a frame.


Shows how to get information about formatting properties of paragraphs that are frames.

Document doc = new Document(MyDir + "Paragraph frame.docx");

Paragraph paragraphFrame = doc.FirstSection.Body.Paragraphs.OfType<Paragraph>().First(p => p.FrameFormat.IsFrame);

Assert.AreEqual(233.3d, paragraphFrame.FrameFormat.Width);
Assert.AreEqual(138.8d, paragraphFrame.FrameFormat.Height);
Assert.AreEqual(HeightRule.AtLeast, paragraphFrame.FrameFormat.HeightRule);
Assert.AreEqual(HorizontalAlignment.Default, paragraphFrame.FrameFormat.HorizontalAlignment);
Assert.AreEqual(VerticalAlignment.Default, paragraphFrame.FrameFormat.VerticalAlignment);
Assert.AreEqual(34.05d, paragraphFrame.FrameFormat.HorizontalPosition);
Assert.AreEqual(RelativeHorizontalPosition.Page, paragraphFrame.FrameFormat.RelativeHorizontalPosition);
Assert.AreEqual(9.0d, paragraphFrame.FrameFormat.HorizontalDistanceFromText);
Assert.AreEqual(20.5d, paragraphFrame.FrameFormat.VerticalPosition);
Assert.AreEqual(RelativeVerticalPosition.Paragraph, paragraphFrame.FrameFormat.RelativeVerticalPosition);
Assert.AreEqual(0.0d, paragraphFrame.FrameFormat.VerticalDistanceFromText);

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