PageBorderAppliesTo enumeration

Specifies which pages the page border is printed on.

public enum PageBorderAppliesTo


Name Value Description
AllPages 0 Page border is shown on all pages of the section.
FirstPage 1 Page border is shown on the first page of the section only.
OtherPages 2 Page border is shown on all pages except the first page of the section.


Shows how to create a wide blue band border at the top of the first page.

Document doc = new Document();

PageSetup pageSetup = doc.Sections[0].PageSetup;
pageSetup.BorderAlwaysInFront = false;
pageSetup.BorderDistanceFrom = PageBorderDistanceFrom.PageEdge;
pageSetup.BorderAppliesTo = PageBorderAppliesTo.FirstPage;

Border border = pageSetup.Borders[BorderType.Top];
border.LineStyle = LineStyle.Single;
border.LineWidth = 30;
border.Color = Color.Blue;
border.DistanceFromText = 0;

doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "PageSetup.PageBorderProperties.docx");

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