Section.AppendContent method

Inserts a copy of content of the source section at the end of this section.

public void AppendContent(Section sourceSection)
sourceSectionSectionThe section to copy content from.


Only content of Body of the source section is copied, page setup, headers and footers are not copied.

The nodes are automatically imported if the source section belongs to a different document.

No new section is created in the destination document.


Shows how to append the contents of a section to another section.

Document doc = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

builder.Write("Section 1");
builder.Write("Section 2");
builder.Write("Section 3");

Section section = doc.Sections[2];

Assert.AreEqual("Section 3" + ControlChar.SectionBreak, section.GetText());

// Insert the contents of the first section to the beginning of the third section.
Section sectionToPrepend = doc.Sections[0];

// Insert the contents of the second section to the end of the third section.
Section sectionToAppend = doc.Sections[1];

// The "PrependContent" and "AppendContent" methods did not create any new sections.
Assert.AreEqual(3, doc.Sections.Count);
Assert.AreEqual("Section 1" + ControlChar.ParagraphBreak +
                "Section 3" + ControlChar.ParagraphBreak +
                "Section 2" + ControlChar.SectionBreak, section.GetText());

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