SubDocument class

Represents a SubDocument - which is a reference to an externally stored document.

To learn more, visit the Aspose.Words Document Object Model (DOM) documentation article.

public class SubDocument : Node


CustomNodeId { get; set; }Specifies custom node identifier.
virtual Document { get; }Gets the document to which this node belongs.
virtual IsComposite { get; }Returns true if this node can contain other nodes.
NextSibling { get; }Gets the node immediately following this node.
override NodeType { get; }Returns SubDocument.
ParentNode { get; }Gets the immediate parent of this node.
PreviousSibling { get; }Gets the node immediately preceding this node.
Range { get; }Returns a Range object that represents the portion of a document that is contained in this node.


override Accept(DocumentVisitor)Accepts a visitor.
Clone(bool)Creates a duplicate of the node.
GetAncestor(NodeType)Gets the first ancestor of the specified NodeType.
GetAncestor(Type)Gets the first ancestor of the specified object type.
virtual GetText()Gets the text of this node and of all its children.
NextPreOrder(Node)Gets next node according to the pre-order tree traversal algorithm.
PreviousPreOrder(Node)Gets the previous node according to the pre-order tree traversal algorithm.
Remove()Removes itself from the parent.
ToString(SaveFormat)Exports the content of the node into a string in the specified format.
ToString(SaveOptions)Exports the content of the node into a string using the specified save options.


In this version of Aspose.Words, SubDocument nodes do not provide public methods and properties to create or modify a subdocument. In this version you are not able to instantiate SubDocument nodes or modify existing except deleting them.

SubDocument can only be a child of Paragraph.


Shows how to access a master document’s subdocument.

Document doc = new Document(MyDir + "Master document.docx");

NodeCollection subDocuments = doc.GetChildNodes(NodeType.SubDocument, true);
// This node serves as a reference to an external document, and its contents cannot be accessed.
SubDocument subDocument = (SubDocument)subDocuments[0];


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