BuildingBlockType enumeration

BuildingBlockType enumeration

Specifies a building block type. The type might affect the visibility and behavior of the building block in Microsoft Word.

Corresponds to the ST_DocPartType type in OOXML.


NONENo type information is specified for the building block.
AUTOMATICALLY_REPLACE_NAME_WITH_CONTENTAllows the building block to be automatically inserted into the document whenever its name is entered into an application.
STRUCTURED_DOCUMENT_TAG_PLACEHOLDER_TEXTThe building block is a structured document tag placeholder text.
FORM_FIELD_HELP_TEXTThe building block is a form field help text.
NORMALThe building block is a normal (i.e. regular) glossary document entry.
AUTO_CORRECTThe building block is associated with the spelling and grammar tools.
AUTO_TEXTThe building block is an AutoText entry.
ALLThe building block is associated with all types.
DEFAULTSave as BuildingBlockType.NONE.

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