TextureAlignment enumeration

TextureAlignment enumeration

Specifies the alignment for the tiling of the texture fill.


TOP_LEFTTop left texture alignment.
TOPTop texture alignment.
TOP_RIGHTTop right texture alignment.
LEFTLeft texture alignment.
CENTERCenter texture alignment.
RIGHTRight texture alignment.
BOTTOM_LEFTBottom left texture alignment.
BOTTOMBottom texture alignment.
BOTTOM_RIGHTBottom right texture alignment.
NONENone texture alignment.


Shows how to fill and tiling the texture inside the shape.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)

shape = builder.insert_shape(aw.drawing.ShapeType.RECTANGLE, 80, 80)

# Apply texture alignment to the shape fill.
shape.fill.texture_alignment = aw.drawing.TextureAlignment.TOP_RIGHT

# Use the compliance option to define the shape using DML if you want to get "texture_alignment"
# property after the document saves.
save_options = aw.saving.OoxmlSaveOptions()
save_options.compliance = aw.saving.OoxmlCompliance.ISO29500_2008_STRICT

doc.save(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "Shape.texture_fill.docx", save_options)

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