BarcodeParameters class

BarcodeParameters class

Container class for barcode parameters to pass-through to BarcodeGenerator. To learn more, visit the Working with Fields documentation article.


The set of parameters are according to DISPLAYBARCODE field options. See the exact list at


BarcodeParameters()The default constructor.


add_start_stop_charWhether to add Start/Stop characters for barcode types NW7 and CODE39.
background_colorBar code background color (0x000000 - 0xFFFFFF)
barcode_typeBar code type.
barcode_valueData to be encoded.
case_code_styleStyle of a Case Code for barcode type ITF14. The valid values are [STD
display_textWhether to display barcode data (text) along with image.
error_correction_levelError correction level of QR Code. Valid values are [0, 3].
facing_identification_markType of a Facing Identification Mark (FIM).
fix_check_digitWhether to fix the check digit if it’s invalid.
foreground_colorBar code foreground color (0x000000 - 0xFFFFFF)
is_bookmarkWhether BarcodeParameters.postal_address is the name of a bookmark.
is_us_postal_addressWhether BarcodeParameters.postal_address is a U.S. postal address.
pos_code_styleStyle of a Point of Sale barcode (barcode types UPCA
postal_addressBarcode postal address.
scaling_factorScaling factor for the symbol. The value is in whole percentage points and the valid values are [10, 1000].
symbol_heightBar code image height (in twips - 1/1440 inches)
symbol_rotationRotation of the barcode symbol. Valid values are [0, 3].

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