locale_id property

Field.locale_id property

Gets or sets the LCID of the field.

def locale_id(self) -> int:

def locale_id(self, value: int):


Shows how to insert a field and work with its locale.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)
# Insert a DATE field, and then print the date it will display.
# Your thread's current culture determines the formatting of the date.
field = builder.insert_field('DATE')
print(f'''Today's date, as displayed in the "{CultureInfo.current_culture.english_name}" culture: {field.result}''')
self.assertEqual(1033, field.locale_id)
# Changing the culture of our thread will impact the result of the DATE field.
# Another way to get the DATE field to display a date in a different culture is to use its LocaleId property.
# This way allows us to avoid changing the thread's culture to get this effect.
doc.field_options.field_update_culture_source = aw.fields.FieldUpdateCultureSource.FIELD_CODE
de_culture = CultureInfo('de-DE')
field.locale_id = de_culture.LCID
print(f'''Today's date, as displayed according to the "{CultureInfo.get_culture_info(field.LocaleId).english_name}" culture: {field.Result}''')

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