remove method


Removes the field from the document. Returns a node right after the field. If the field’s end is the last child of its parent node, returns its parent paragraph. If the field is already removed, returns None.

def remove(self):


Shows how to remove fields from a field collection.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)
builder.insert_field(field_code=' DATE \\@ "dddd, d MMMM yyyy" ')
builder.insert_field(field_code=' TIME ')
builder.insert_field(field_code=' REVNUM ')
builder.insert_field(field_code=' AUTHOR  "John Doe" ')
builder.insert_field(field_code=' SUBJECT "My Subject" ')
builder.insert_field(field_code=' QUOTE "Hello world!" ')
fields = doc.range.fields
self.assertEqual(6, fields.count)
# Below are four ways of removing fields from a field collection.
# 1 -  Get a field to remove itself:
self.assertEqual(5, fields.count)
# 2 -  Get the collection to remove a field that we pass to its removal method:
last_field = fields[3]
self.assertEqual(4, fields.count)
# 3 -  Remove a field from a collection at an index:
self.assertEqual(3, fields.count)
# 4 -  Remove all the fields from the collection at once:
self.assertEqual(0, fields.count)

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