update method


Performs the field update. Throws if the field is being updated already.

def update(self):


Performs a field update. Throws if the field is being updated already.

def update(self, ignore_merge_format: bool):
ignore_merge_formatboolIf True then direct field result formatting is abandoned, regardless of the MERGEFORMAT switch, otherwise normal update is performed.


Shows how to insert a field into a document using FieldType.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)
# Insert two fields while passing a flag which determines whether to update them as the builder inserts them.
# In some cases, updating fields could be computationally expensive, and it may be a good idea to defer the update.
doc.built_in_document_properties.author = 'John Doe'
builder.write('This document was written by ')
builder.insert_field(aw.fields.FieldType.FIELD_AUTHOR, update_inserted_fields_immediately)
builder.write('\nThis is page ')
builder.insert_field(aw.fields.FieldType.FIELD_PAGE, update_inserted_fields_immediately)
self.assertEqual(' AUTHOR ', doc.range.fields[0].get_field_code())
self.assertEqual(' PAGE ', doc.range.fields[1].get_field_code())
if update_inserted_fields_immediately:
    self.assertEqual('John Doe', doc.range.fields[0].result)
    self.assertEqual('1', doc.range.fields[1].result)
    self.assertEqual('', doc.range.fields[0].result)
    self.assertEqual('', doc.range.fields[1].result)
    # We will need to update these fields using the update methods manually.
    self.assertEqual('John Doe', doc.range.fields[0].result)
    self.assertEqual('1', doc.range.fields[1].result)

Shows how to format field results.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)
# Use a document builder to insert a field that displays a result with no format applied.
field = builder.insert_field('= 2 + 3')
self.assertEqual('= 2 + 3', field.get_field_code())
self.assertEqual('5', field.result)
# We can apply a format to a field's result using the field's properties.
# Below are three types of formats that we can apply to a field's result.
# 1 -  Numeric format:
format = field.format
format.numeric_format = '$###.00'
self.assertEqual('= 2 + 3 \\# $###.00', field.get_field_code())
self.assertEqual('$  5.00', field.result)
# 2 -  Date/time format:
field = builder.insert_field('DATE')
format = field.format
format.date_time_format = 'dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy'
self.assertEqual('DATE \\@ "dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy"', field.get_field_code())
print(f"Today's date, in {format.date_time_format} format:\n\t{field.result}")
# 3 -  General format:
field = builder.insert_field('= 25 + 33')
format = field.format
for index, general_format in enumerate(format.general_formats):
    print(f'General format index {index}: {general_format}')
self.assertEqual('= 25 + 33 \\* roman \\* Upper', field.get_field_code())
self.assertEqual('LVIII', field.result)
self.assertEqual(2, format.general_formats.count)
self.assertEqual(aw.fields.GeneralFormat.LOWERCASE_ROMAN, format.general_formats[0])
# We can remove our formats to revert the field's result to its original form.
self.assertEqual(0, format.general_formats.count)
self.assertEqual('= 25 + 33  ', field.get_field_code())
self.assertEqual('58', field.result)
self.assertEqual(0, format.general_formats.count)

Shows how to preserve or discard INCLUDEPICTURE fields when loading a document.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)
include_picture = builder.insert_field(aw.fields.FieldType.FIELD_INCLUDE_PICTURE, True).as_field_include_picture()
include_picture.source_full_name = IMAGE_DIR + 'Transparent background logo.png'
with io.BytesIO() as doc_stream:
    doc.save(doc_stream, aw.saving.OoxmlSaveOptions(aw.SaveFormat.DOCX))
    # We can set a flag in a LoadOptions object to decide whether to convert all INCLUDEPICTURE fields
    # into image shapes when loading a document that contains them.
    load_options = aw.loading.LoadOptions()
    load_options.preserve_include_picture_field = preserve_include_picture_field
    doc = aw.Document(doc_stream, load_options)
    if preserve_include_picture_field:
        self.assertTrue(any((f for f in doc.range.fields if f.type == aw.fields.FieldType.FIELD_INCLUDE_PICTURE)))
        doc.save(ARTIFACTS_DIR + 'Field.preserve_include_picture.docx')
        self.assertFalse(any((f for f in doc.range.fields if f.type == aw.fields.FieldType.FIELD_INCLUDE_PICTURE)))

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